we've been on the run, driving in the sun.

a quick friday post with the remainder of the california pictures. enjoy :)

some crazy, cool earrings that I bought at the huntington beach pier. had to rock them on the ride home.

on the way home we stopped in long beach and had lunch on the water with two old friends. :)

on an ending note, here are some words of wisdom that we found written in some parking spaces in LA. of all places...happy weekend to all of you. I'm off to enjoy the arizona sunshine and pack up for monday's road trip back to SF.

peace and love.



and its one more night in hollywood.

happy thursday blogger land! I am doing a happy, silly dance on the inside while celebrating reaching 100 followers this week. I know it seems like a small number in comparison to some of my other semi-celeb blogger buddies, but for a little blog that just started out as something fun for me to do to pass the time and meet some super nifty people, I am pretty pumped at how it has grown. I am contemplating what to do to mark the occasion and I think another give away is in order. there is a special something that I have in mind, but you will have to wait until next week when I am back in san francisco. I can say that you are going to want to check back. :)
on to round two of the road trip photos.
after spending the day shopping and basking in the california sun, we hurried back to the hotel to get ready for the film premiere. the feature that we were there to see was called "elle", and it was the first time it was ever going to be seen by an audience!
we were the first ones in line and we had the perfect view for when all of the actors were arriving. they kept pulling up next to us in their "blacked out" escalades and town cars. we saw most of the major stars and even were able to talk to a few of the people in the movie as well as the directors and producers. it was interesting to see all of the people who made the movie come back together.
since the film festival was in newport beach, it had more of a laid back and beachy vibe to it. we wanted to look super chic but not too dressed up. I think we pulled it off nicely.
I wore a one of my little black dresses with a dark zebra print tunic over, paired with my black leggings and tan wedge sandals. I threw on some accessories and kept my hair casual.

once the film was over, the cast hoped in front of the audience for the Q&A. it was such a small theater that they were maybe 10 feet away from us. cool! after the excitement of the movie we decided that the best place for us to hit on a saturday night would be hollywood. obviously.
we drove for a while all the way down sunset blvd. past chateau marmont, past hollywood blvd and the roosevelt hotel, and past many other famous haunts. when we saw ketchup we decided to pull over and see if we could get in. sadly, we didn't think to make a reservation and the place was packed. we walked up to the bar and looked around for a bit, but ended up having dinner at a funky, outside restaurant below ketchup.

I hope you enjoyed the overload of photos. some of them are courtesy of miss lauren, the photographer extraordinaire. looking back at these is making me miss our trip! there is no better place to be than hollywood on a saturday night. there are so many interesting people out and about and you just feel ridiculously glamorous.

wishing you all a healthy and productive thursday as we inch closer to that weekend. has anyone else tried going the vegan route yet? watching what you are eating? hope I'm not alone out here!

peace and love. :)



I hope you know, your my favorite thing about the west coast.

aaaand I'm back! did you think for a moment that newport beach may have swallowed me whole? well, it almost did. it was such a whirlwind adventure that I am still recovering from all of it. the driving, in particular. lauren and I had a blast and ran all over the LA area. sadly, I have very little time to sit and relish in the after glow of a fantastic adventure, as I have another road trip ahead of me. six days and counting until I leave for the fifteen or so hour drive up to san francisco. on that note, lets chat about last weekend for a hot minute.
are we loving my early 90's/late 80's look here? after a long day of driving on friday, we woke up early the next day and decided that some shopping and people watching was in order. Lauren took me over to balboa island. I can't believe that in all of my trips to southern california, I had never been to this quaint town. I fell in love. hard. pretty much the entire time I was busy scheming in my head of how I was going to be able to move there. its adorable, people. anyways, I had been waiting to wear my navy/white polka dot dress that I thrifted from good will a few weeks ago. it was seriously like four bucks. are you kidding me?
since it was chilly that morning and a tad foggy in balboa, I decided to toss on my light denimn wash jacket with some tights and boots. I have summer type dreams of wearing this dress with my red wedges and white fedora. soon, ladies. soon.
the over the shoulder purse was thrifted from good will as well. and on the same day, I might add. I couldn't believe how well they matched up. I forgot, like the crazy that I am sometimes, to do a close up of the gorgeous purse. next time, I promise. you will have to forgive me... can't you see I am JUST having my morning coffee in this pic? I don't believe I was functioning at full capacity yet.
have I mentioned yet how quaint, beautiful, and fantastic balboa island was?
who doesn't love peace frogs? well, this girl does. fersure.
yuuuumm. salt water taffy, you get in my belly.
balboa was full of boutiques and neat shoppes. I think I found maybe a hundred things that I wanted to buy and take home with me that day. I do believe lauren even found me trying to coax a pair of really expensive shoes to "come home with me and live in my closet with my other babies". dude. sometimes shopping makes this fashionista loco.
the sales woman at this store proudly informed us that the designer that made these necklaces was hosting a trunk show for the kardashians that day. I think she thought it would convince us to buy one. did it work? absolutely not.
why yes, I do adore this girl.
after a good morning in balboa, we headed up the coast to huntington beach. we hunted around and found the best vintage shop. we each found a dress and were pretty proud of our thrifting skills.
dear california, you are too beautiful for words.
since it was so lovely out, we walked to the end of the pier.

left over sidewalk art from earth day. <3>

I'm ridiculously amazed out how the "H" managed to get itself cut out of both of these shots.

back to balboa once it warmed up to have a look at the auh-mazing sail boats. since it was a weekend, everyone was out enjoying the sunshine.
including us. lauren loves california, so we are including her in the "honorary california girls" club
as the afternoon was fading, we went to track down our tickets for the film festival! we were so excited to be seeing a premiere that night. as you can see clearly indicated below with the universal symbol of awesome: a thumbs up.
check back tomorrow to hear about the premiere night and our dinner in hollywood: sunset blvd style.

on an ending note, the adorable sally from candy cane is married left me an award! thanks so much!
Instructions for the award:
1. Put the logo on your blog within a post.
2. Pass the award on to 15 bloggers.
3. Link to the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

I would like to pass this on to some ladies who truly make me smile. whether you are doing it with your fantastic fashion, your killer wit, or your "loving life" attitude...I adore you all. nuff said.

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its a long list, but I think all of you are fantastic!

that all for today. :) off to yoga...

peace. xoxo
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