its me, gossip girl.

We are switching up the look today :). Been posting some date outfits, and now here is a running around town outfit. Can you tell that I pretty much always wear these boots. I own them in this tan color and in black and I sort of just alternate between the two. They are comfy, and stylish, and give me a little bit of height (which I need at just over five feet). Do you ever have pieces like that, that you just wear over and over again? I'm hoping that I don't get sick of them!

On to the fun outfit.... the hubby and I had to run some errands on Sunday that had us swinging by target. I love me some target. Seriously, you can get everything there. When I discovered target with my friends our freshman year of college I was hooked. Cute room decor? DVD's and books? Food? AND cute clothes and purses? ummm, yes, sign me up. stat.

Now I know that Target's designer of the moment is obviously Anna Sui with her Gossip Girl collection. ahh I die. But I figured that we would not have any of the collection at the small target in Arizona. I was wrong! I found this cute little dress, that I am assuming is supposed to be channeling Vanessa. I tried on some of the Blair-esque dresses and they didn't fit me right. I was beyond sad, but this dress made up for it.

found the yellow vest in the sale section for only 4 dollars and was happy to find the colors matched perfectly. I am really in love with vests this season, of any kind. Do these colors kind of remind you of Thanksgiving colors? Because thats what I kept thinking. All warm and cute. lol. anyways through on my gray purse from zara and some of my key necklaces (love key necklaces and am currently pining for one from Tiffany)!

Rocked one of my juicy bracelets and my dangley earrings. Yes, those are dolphins on the end of my earrings. I picked them up a few years ago in Huntington Beach from a street fair. So pretty.

Ok we are half way through the week! good thing, because I am exhausted. Hope you all are having wonderful days. :)



love your body. :)

Just a quick note. Everyone should head on over to Christen's blog today and check out her post. She makes some really amazing points and I think its so important to be thinking about your health and happiness. This wonderful girl is getting into a new life routine and all of you should get over there and leave some support as she attacks her new goal! So great to be inspired by other young women who are stepping up and making sure that their bodies are getting as much attention as their closets are. Again, she is right, its all about feeling good, not just looking it.... because we all know how rocking and stunning she is! I adore you girl! go get it!



bond. james bond.

So I'm posting all of my remarkably fun date night outfits from last weekend. We had 80's flashback yesterday, and now we move into another interesting one..... bond girl. :)

Wore this to head out with the hubby for some drinks with his work friends. He works for the government and has a really ridiculous job that makes him work around 12-14 hours a day and most of the people he works with are men, so they are all really bonded. Its like this super special boy's club. Now all of these guys are single except for my hubby so when we go out I am the only girl in the bunch. I always feel exceptional when I'm out with all the boys... and kind of bad ass, like a bond girl.
I was going through my closet, in particular my large collection of sequin dresses (is it possible to own too many?), in preparation for my upcoming Vegas trip. This might be.... no, this most definitely is the reason for all the sequins. We go to Vegas far too much, and who doesn't want to rock a sequin number in Vegas? Hello, I think that town made sequins as cool as they are! This time around we are celebrating my lovely mother turning 50. Not that she looks it, she is still rockin it if you ask me... and she has a sweet little prada number we picked up in Italy over the summer that she has been waiting to wear for her birthday!

Close up of the shoes, which are of course from Bakers. I think I own too many shoes from there! These ones I bought to wear to my rehearsal dinner for my wedding circa summer 2008. I wore them with a little ruffled Betsey Johnson dress, and a gold headband. Classy and fun!

close up of the necklace..... from Forever love... and oh the sequins.... sigh.

close up of the Tuxedo jackets details. I love how it takes the little feminine dress and turns it into something classy with a masculine hard edge to it.

This outfit makes me happy and is most definitely making the cut for the Vegas trip. What do you think?

happy Tuesday all!


80's flashback

I feel like I am having a very John Hughes esque moment here. While I can't be sure how authentic 80's I am looking here, since I was only in diapers in that wonderful decade, I think that the stripey dress and the ray bans aren't hurting.

I was so excited when I began pulling out the pieces for this outfit and it all just came together. Isn't that magical when that happens. The color of the tights, and the shoes matched just perfectly. I love the look with out the little vest and belt, but its more flattering and it brings it back to something that is wearable in this decade.

here is a close up of my little juicy couture hoops. My mom-in-law got them for me a few years ago for Christmas and I still love them. I adore that I have a mom-in-law that is super cool, and loves shopping as much as I do. Every year we split Thanksgiving and Christmas between our families, and we spend T-giving with the Hubby's family. And every year all of the girls get up for black Friday shopping. So much fun. We get up and hit the mall at 4 am and drink loads of coffee and shop til our hearts content. Such a perfect tradition.

Close up of the belt. I thrifted it a few weekends ago from good will! This is my first time wearing it. I usually opt towards the thicker belts, but I have thrifted so many cute skinny ones as of late, that they are really growing on me.

So sorry for the gratuitous amount of pictures in this post. Can you tell that I was really loving this outfit?
I wore this to dinner with the hubby and of course this adorable little girl told me that I look like a "rainbow". So cute. Thanks, I'll take it.

ok, so on a closing note..... the outfit details.... Shoes: Bakers, tights: Target, dress: F21, vest: thrifted, clutch: thrifted buffalo exchange, belt: thrifted.

lots of fun outfits planned for this week so check back and happy Monday!


Hoe Down Throw Down Remix

Happy Sunday ladies! Hope you are all doing wonderfully lazy things. Thats what Sundays are for after all, am I right? :) Anyways, I'm heading out to run some errands with the hubby.... who FINALLY has a day off. Yay for quality time.

This is what I will be running around in today. Its a little bit of a remix of this outfit, Hoe Down Throw Down , from a few weeks ago. But these denim shorts, vest, and boots are my go-to "comfortable but cute" outfit. These little cut-offs used to be "boyfriend" jeans, but last spring I chopped them, and have been in love ever since.

I added the earrings that I wore in this outfit a few days ago, somewhere over the rainbow , and I love how they clash (in a good way) with the rest of the casual outfit. They have these pretty little gold coins and medallions on them that are so funky. I got them a few years ago on a trip to Costa Rica with my hubby's family. The shirt underneath is of course from forever21 and it actually has no back to it! But you can't tell because the vest covers it up, and makes it day time appropriate!

Well check back tomorrow because I am posting an outfit that is one of my FAVORITES, yellow tights and all!


peace. love. tie dye. <3

another quick post. Sorry for all the quick posting this week. I've been ridiculously busy, but have these cute outfits I want to get up. :) thanks for bearing with me.

So I picked up this gorgeous maxi on a trip in June to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Such a cute town with all of these wonderful little shops, and fantastic Mexican food. YUM! I found this stand out tie dye number in a store that had all handmade garments! The top fits a little funny, but the colors are so pretty that I died for it anyways. ha, get it? I died for tie dye. Silly

here is a little close up of the gold sequined cover and the bright earrings from BEBE. raise your hand if you are loving sequins during the day! (raises hand high)
The gold bag was purchased years ago from Target, believe it or not. And its huge, there fore I love it. the bigger the better is how I enjoy my bags.

The thrifted owl necklace from buffalo exchange is back for this one. How cute is he?

Hope everyone is having a fun filled weekend!



somewhere over the rainbow

Good morning ladies! This is going to be a quick one as I run out the door...

I have to say, very quickly, that I'm delighted by all of the new faces that I see commenting this past week! I haven't had time to sit down and check out everyone's blogs yet, but I'm excited to get a look at them and start leaving you some comments as well. I have a feeling this is the start to some amazing blog friendships! This weekend I will definitely be taking some time to check out all of your lovely blogs.... can't wait to be inspired and perhaps jealous of some wonderful outfits. :)

now on to the outfit!

Ok, so I feel as if I've stepped right into the rainbow in this outfit. Hello every color in the world! This ensemble makes me feel incredibly upbeat and happy. Its sheer all the way through, so I threw on a long black tank with some black leggings for the backdrop. Its the best because it makes all the colors pop. I was surfing on ebay the other day, when I should have been working (obviously I have a shopping problem) and came across this vibrant tunic and I feel in love with all of the intense hues.
The most difficult part for me was trying to decide what color to pull out of it for accessories!

I could have gone so many ways, but since I am loving all of the yellow out there right now, I opted for some yellow patent heels. Be sure to check back the rest of the week for more pops of yellow ( tights and vests, and headbands, oh my)!

Well girls, hope you all are having a fabulous Thursday... and smile because tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend!



today is my lucky day...

It truly is! The beautiful, talented, hilarious, and incredibly stylish Christen of la Rue Neuve has featured me on her blog! I'm sure you all know of her and her fabulous-ness, but if you don't.... please do yourself a favor and hop on over there right now! Not only does she have a fantastic sense of fashion, and killer outfits, but she is the sweetest girl. And I can't wait to visit her in D.C. some time soon for an endless weekend of shopping, museums, theater, pasta, and vino!

I adore you girl and thanks again :)


and if you've managed to wander over here from Christen's blog... WELCOME! I'm so glad your here! Have a look around and leave some comment love. Be sure to leave your blog if you have one! I love connecting with other bloggers and checking out their unique style and ideas on their own blogs.




twice as nice :)

another quick note! my outfit "polka dot delight" was featured on weardrobe!! thats twice in one week! thanks again weardrobe team! You are so wonderful to us fashionistas! xoxo


murder at the juice joint!

Ok, well not really... but its a fun title! Actually got the inspiration for the blog title and the outfit when I was going through some old pictures to put up in the apartment. My hubby's birthday falls only two days before Halloween, so we always have a HUGE bday/halloween/costume party. We go completely over the top for the celebration. We always have a theme and the entire house would be decked out head to toe in said theme.

A few years ago I decided to surprise him and do a murder mystery party. It took crazy amounts of work.... everyone had to have a character, learn their part, know who the other characters were and their relation to them. But all the work really paid of in the end because it was a blast! It was called "murder at the juice joint" and we made the entire house into this underground speak easy. Every one dressed to the nines and the 1920's juice joint was hopping with flappers, and mobsters, and cigarette girls, oh my! here we are... circa 2005 don't judge :)

But as far as THIS outfit.... when I was looking through pictures I was fixated on my flapper headband. The whole "headband over the hair" look is really in for this fall, as opposed to using headbands to hold our hair back (what they were meant to do)! When will we fashionistas ever learn to be practical? Well, I remembered that I had one of these such headbands and I decided to make a run to Michael's (DIY heaven) and add this funky flower to give it more detail.

The dress was thrifted, and I actually found it in the 80's section of the thrift store. But I figured, pair it with some sparkly fish nets, and a gold fringe necklace, and of course the "flapper-esq" headband and I could get away with a little 1920's feel. I love how the subtle hints of gold are carried throughout the entire ensemble, really tying it together. I added these really fun Betsey John shoes because they had the same flecks of gold as the dress and the tights. Plus those little "fru fru" bows on the top are such fun (secret confession, I love these shoes so much I own them in white as well)! Don't tell the hubby, I don't think he has noticed yet... thanks Betsey!

hope everyone is having a beyond fabulous Monday! always the toughest day of the week! and thanks for all of your lovely comments...you fellow fashion bloggers are the best ladies!! I love seeing your daily posts, you are constantly inspiring me! xoxo


back to school cool

Who do you have for 5th period? Can we meet at the stacks before lunch? Walk me to English? You going to the Friday night football game? Who left a note in your locker?!

ahhhh this outfit has been dreaming of high school days. Since I went to Catholic school, we totally rocked the plaid skirts, tights, and super cute mary jane shoe combo. While some girls let it get boring, my friends and I always found a way to spice it up with fun tights, purses, and accessories :). We owned those cardigan-covered hallways, don't you know it :)

Guess things haven't changed in the fact that I still love a great plaid outfit. Especially one with such fun colors like this one. When I saw the dress in forever, I knew it had to be mine.

dear adorably plaid dress,

will you please come home and reside in my closet? I promise I will make lots of lovely outfits with you.


the discerning fashionista

and obviously the dress was like "of course I will come hang out (literally) in your closet and kick it with all of your other fun ensembles!"

sooooooo anyways, upon my return home I began sifting through my tights drawer. There were so many neat colors of tights on the runways last week for fashion week that I have been really inspired to pull mine out. There are some girls that can really work the whole "jeans and t-shirts look", but I've just never been that girl unfortunately.... so its tights for me all the way. I seriously have 2 entire drawers of just tights and leggings...sigh. Thinking about it, I do believe I have only 3 or 4 pairs of jeans, that are NEVER touched.

Anyways, as soon as I saw my bright orange tights from last halloween I knew it would be color-combo love with my new, little plaid dress. Add in some bright green shoes with tiny bows and wow. I didn't work any accessories with this outfit since the colors were enough as is.

ok, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! looking forward to a lovely week...



featured? Moi?

Just a quick post with a link....

I was featured on Weardrobe today and I am beyond ecstatic! thanks Weardrobe team!




Safari Showdown

I am a posting FIEND today! its nonsense! But I am stuck in class all day (finally signed up for some fun classes.... Italian.... check.... Italian art history... check... 18th century Poets... check) and I have all of these beautiful pictures of outfits from last week and this week and I figure I may as well post them! right?

Sorry if its an overload! Especially with all the animal print. As I said before I guess I am just feeling unusually sassy. The power of new hair will do that to you. I also think that I am starting to get more comfortable here in Arizona, so I am starting to wear all of my "outside the box" things that are completely "inside the box" back home in San Francisco.

But I digress.... as far as the outfit, both the hat and the vest are thrifted. That rockin vest was 4 bucks! no joke! and the hat was a little bit pricier, but I am so in love! are you? I can picture wearing this all through the fall,and I am wishing that it was around this summer. So many cute swimsuit cover ups that it could have gone with.... sigh

well it will have to be broken out again next summer.

and of course as always, I have the ray bans on. I don't care if they are on their way out... I heart them. They are the style that work best for me, for my face, and I think you should always work with what works for you. Other wise how can you ever define your own style?

So ok ladies, its a sound off.... of all the crazy leopard I've been working with this week, what is your favorite look and why? I ADORE feedback more than you know! It seriously keeps my world spinning and helps me to not feel like a crazy lady that take pictures of what she wears everyday (you fellow fashionista bloggers know what I mean). Thanks for all the love, and let me know which safari ensemble should win the battle royal.

again happy wednesday! xoxo
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