Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. I have tons and tons of pictures to show you guys! It was wonderful to have my in-laws down here all weekend and get the opportunity to start seeing some things around Tucson. We had breakfast when they got here at Hotel Congress, which is one of the most historic places in the city. Then all the girls headed out for some vintage and thrift shopping on fourth avenue. I ended up buying the gorgeous ring in these pictures. We tried on funny outfit after funny outfit and had a blast! Of course Thursday we had our T-Day feast. These photos are from our Thanksgiving. Our place isn't big enough for our large family so we opted to cook at the hotel they were staying at. It was nice to eat, and swim, and just lounge around together. The following morning we were up for some BLACK FRIDAY shopping. love me some deals. After we took a day trip down to Tombstone and had the BEST time and took the FUNNIEST pictures, which you will get to see in tomorrow's post! Anyways, here is the fam <3.


la vie boheme

another boho outfit coming your way. wink. while I really wear a variety of styles, I have to say that this is one of my favorites. Its like a new updated version of what my favorite 70's rock ladies would wear. fun sequin beret? check. flowy vest? check. rock tee? check. ripped up tights? check and check.

some of you ladies have asked what I wear on my days that are like my "off days" and something like this is it! just very simple and comfy, but still fun and funky. like me.

I'm wearing all of my signature necklaces. Italy represent. Ireland represent. England represent. my husband calls these my "its a small world after all" necklace collection. that man thinks he is hilarious. but I guess I can see where he is coming from. each necklace is from a different country that I adore. that's how I roll. :)

so my in-laws arrived last night and I am in full holiday mode! Christen, you would be proud because yesterday there was Christmas music blasting throughout the house while I put up the Christmas decorations! I have one more presentation to get through this morning and then its thanksgiving time. and the best part about it? BLACK FRIDAY. oh the shopping deals. My mama in law and my sister in law have made it a family tradition that we all get up super early and check out all the crazy shopping on Friday morning. wish us luck!



material girl

Hey all! I'm back from the most lovely weekend. I really can't say enough about how wonderful it was to go home. I will certainly have some pictures and stories up later this week. :) For now I am diving into a few days of work and school before Thanksgiving. M,y in-laws will be here tomorrow, so there is tons to do on my part. This will be my first Thanksgiving ever spent away from my family so it will be an interesting week. I hope the weekend treated you all fabulously as always and for all my American girls, only a few days to get through this week. smile! :)

and now a quick note about the outfit. Worn last week, and I am totally channeling my 80's material girl here. This funky blazer was found at a thift shop for only 3 dollars! Originally it was part of a wedding dress! How funny is that? Well I loved the big, funky shoulders right away. Though my hubby looked at me like I was crazy. Who care? I love the look.

on an ending note, raise your hand if your a nerd and saw new moon this weekend? *raises both hands, jumps, and does a cartwheel* YES, that was part of the reason I flew home. My girls and I all read the books together back in college, and made a tradition starting last year of making shirts and going to the midnight premiere. Who doesn't love screaming along embarrassingly with gaggles of 12 year old girls who should be home in bed? sign me up, I say. Anyways, I loved it. Team Edward...sigh. Happy Tuesday!



boho chic

quick little saturday post while I am gone in san francisco. can't wait to show you all the great pictures from this trip! have a great weekend!



gold mash up

Happy Friday everyone! I'll be back on Sunday!



sequin city

So as you read this I am off to San Francisco for the weekend! I'm so excited for the entire weekend. Tonight I will be seeing NEW MOON not once, but twice! I can't even wait. My connection was able to get me advanced tickets to a private screening downtown at 9! and then I will be jetting off to the east bay for the midnight show with friends. Then Friday night I will be at my alma mater for the SMC vs Vanderbilt basketball game. be sure to look for us on ESPN! Can't wait to see all of my dance and cheer girls. :) I have posts lined up for while I am gone, and I hope you all have a fab weekend!!


purple plaid party

I finally had some time this week to sit down and edit some photos for you ladies! No, I wasn't being a lazy bones.... I have just been swamped with school and work! sigh.... the burdens of life. But I was an editing fiend last night and have about 2 weeks out outfits lined up, and I am loving how the photos turned out. Hope you will stick around and see some of the crazy stuff I have been wearing. :)
I have been pulling out all of my winter wear in anticipation of heading back to SF for the holidays! Tucson is still around 60 degrees almost everyday so in reality I could be wearing shorts and flip flops but I chose to pretend like its winter and rock tights and knee socks!
I'll be heading to SF tomorrow to spend the weekend with friends and family and then back to Tucson next week to have thanksgiving with the hubby's fam (who is flying down). And then in a few short weeks I will be driving with my pups back to SF for AN ENTIRE MONTH! woo! so pumped. I already have tons of shopping dates, vino dates, dinner dates, and coffee dates with friends. I never knew I could miss a busy social schedule so much. SO if any of you ladies are in the bay over Christmas, lets get together! I will hopefully be doing some cross fit and having a Zara shopping date with miss Taylor of Sterling Style. So anyone else in the area, I'd love to meet you!

Anyways, that was my fun all purple, all plaid outfit. I was really excited to find this boyfriend blazer. I have been on the hunt for one for months and I finally tracked this one down at Macy's. score! I also picked up these cute knee socks via target. They have the best tights and socks right now. Some super fun, and adorable colors and patterns. check it out!

hope everyone is having a great middle of the week! only one week left til thanksgiving for my American girls!



love you 'till then end.

{bachelorette party one~ 8.8.08. dress~betsey johnson}
{the tonga room, san francisco ca}
{slide, san francsico ca}
{the red room, san francsico ca}

{bachelorette party two~ 8.13.08. shirts~ bridal squad}
{the silver peso, marin ca}
{spa day~8.14.08. shirts~bridal squad}
{olympic, walnut creek ca}
{wedding rehearsal~8.14.08. dress~betsey johnson}
{rehearsal dinner~8.14.08 dress~betsey johnson}
{the red grape, sonoma ca}
{wedding day salon~8.15.08. hoodie~victoria's secret}
{biquor and biquor of beverly hills, sonoma ca}
{wedding day preparation}

{wedding dresses~ melissa sweet and demetrios}
{always his little girl~ little miss magic}
{happily ever after}
{we roll in style every day, wedding day included}
{the garden of love}
{sonoma plaza}

{prince charming}
{down the aisle~ vangelis "hymme" by harpist}
{parasols with love quotes and our monogram}
{con te partiro}
{the best ring bearers of all time. our dogs.}

she said-

In your eyes, I have found my home.

In your heart, I have found my love.

In your soul, I have found my mate.

You help me laugh, you teach me love.

You have been my best friend, mentor, confidant, and my greatest challenge.

But most importantly, you are the love of my life and you make me happier than I could ever imagine and more loved than I ever thought possible.... You have made me a better person So I am truly blessed to be a part of your life, which as of today becomes our life together.

I promise to love and care for you and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love.

I will always be honest with you, kind, patient, and forgiving.
I promise to keep a sense of humor.
But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you.

I will love you, I will respect you, encourage you, and cherish you,
Through sorrow and success,
For all the days of our life.
He said-
A promise is Kept when it is complete

Till death due us part I will always keep

I will always be there for you through the tough and the not

I will always need you even when things get hot

I promise to cherish to love and to hold

But also much more even when we are in wheelchairs getting old

I care about you more than these words could ever say

But I want you to know a few things on this special day

I will not dessert you or leave you alone

I will always stay up and wait for you to get home

I will be the best husband you could ever need

I will tell you bed time stories until we can only lip-read

I will support your love for animals and your care for the people you cherish most

I will always protect you even from ghosts

We share our hearts with only one true love

I now give you my heart to keep until death takes us above.

{down the aisle together~ B flat concerto}
{the little lovlies with their wands adorned with ribbon and dragon fly jewels}
{the lodge at sonoma}
{I just want to see you when your all alone
I just want to catch you if I can,
I just want to be there when the morning light explodes,
on your face it radiates
I can't escape, I love you 'till the end}

{I just want to tell you nothing you don't want to hear
all I want is for you to say
oh why don't you just take me where I've never been before
I know you want to hear me catch my breath
I love you 'till the end}

{I just want to be there
when we're caught in the rain
I just want to see you laugh, not cry
I just want to feel you, when the night puts on its cloak
I'm lost for words, don't tell me
because all I can say is
I love you 'till the end}
{I love you 'till the end
I love you 'till the end
all I can say is
I love you 'till the end}
~ the pogues~
{antique frames with photos from our parents and grandparents wedding days,
a wish bowl for wishes for the bride and groom,
our engagement photos at the golden gate bridge to sign)
{eating in the sonoma garden}
{each table named for one of our favorite places,
center pieces of own wine label and lanterns adorned with rose petals
a camera hunt at each table}
{personally designed menus
boxed favors~ wedding wine charms}
{candy bar menu}
home baked cubs and giants cupcakes (our baseball teams),
home baked cookies in wedding cake shapes,
red and pink M&M's with M&L on them
red and pink gumballs
red and pink candy cane sticks
red and pink skittles
red and pink lolli pops
red and pink rock candy
red and pink licorice
red and pink dog treats to take home to your furry friends
cherry jones sodas with our engagement photos on them
signature drink~ the blushing bride~ pomegranate champagne

{chocolate fountain
our own cake design~ happily ever after with our W
flavor- bottom layer~raspberry
second layer~chocolate
third layer~lemon
top tier~raspberry chocolate
groom's cake~guinness shaped and flavored}
{hand painted bride and groom signs}
{Wedding Soundtrack~ our most memorable moments}

ever ever after ~ carrie underwood

accidentally in love ~ counting crows

thats amore ~ frank sinatra

love you 'till the end ~ the pogues

little miss magic ~ jimmy buffet

friends in low places ~ garth brooks

I shall believe ~ sheryl crow

at last ~ etta james

love story ~ taylor swift

baby I'm amazed- paul mccartney

a whole new world ~ aladin soundtrack

chapel of love ~ the dixie cups

the luckiest ~ ben folds

so close ~ jon mclaughlin

don't stop believin' ~ journey

I want it that way ~ backstreet boys

let that be enough ~ switchfoot

flightless bird, american mouth ~ iron and wine

save the last dance for me ~ michael buble

{after dinner kareoke}
{shoe change for dancing}
{something blue~ swarovski cystal "W" on bottom of red shoes}
{antique italian purse}
(cubs garter}

{a grand exit}
{under the sonoma stars~ a midsummers nights dream}
{I am the luckiest~ love of my life}
{the photobooth was packed all night long}

{day after wedding photo shoot in wine country~ trash the dress 8.16.08.}
{finally got to wear my veil and my hair down}
{mondavi vineyards}

{no better way to end a wine country wedding than a wine tour~ 8.16.08.}
{dress- betsey johnson}
{chateau st. jean, sonoma ca}

{If our two loves be one
or thou and I love so alike
that none can slaken
none can die}
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