purple plaid party

I finally had some time this week to sit down and edit some photos for you ladies! No, I wasn't being a lazy bones.... I have just been swamped with school and work! sigh.... the burdens of life. But I was an editing fiend last night and have about 2 weeks out outfits lined up, and I am loving how the photos turned out. Hope you will stick around and see some of the crazy stuff I have been wearing. :)
I have been pulling out all of my winter wear in anticipation of heading back to SF for the holidays! Tucson is still around 60 degrees almost everyday so in reality I could be wearing shorts and flip flops but I chose to pretend like its winter and rock tights and knee socks!
I'll be heading to SF tomorrow to spend the weekend with friends and family and then back to Tucson next week to have thanksgiving with the hubby's fam (who is flying down). And then in a few short weeks I will be driving with my pups back to SF for AN ENTIRE MONTH! woo! so pumped. I already have tons of shopping dates, vino dates, dinner dates, and coffee dates with friends. I never knew I could miss a busy social schedule so much. SO if any of you ladies are in the bay over Christmas, lets get together! I will hopefully be doing some cross fit and having a Zara shopping date with miss Taylor of Sterling Style. So anyone else in the area, I'd love to meet you!

Anyways, that was my fun all purple, all plaid outfit. I was really excited to find this boyfriend blazer. I have been on the hunt for one for months and I finally tracked this one down at Macy's. score! I also picked up these cute knee socks via target. They have the best tights and socks right now. Some super fun, and adorable colors and patterns. check it out!

hope everyone is having a great middle of the week! only one week left til thanksgiving for my American girls!



  1. This whole outfit is just adorable. I love it. The blazer goes perfectly with that skirt. And those socks are sooo cute! It looks like I'll be heading to Target VERY soon. Hehe. ;)

  2. The hunt for the boyfriend blazer this season has been intense! Once you've tried a few, you start to realize how cool it would be to find the perfect one. Yours is awesome!

    I'm wearing Target socks too today!

  3. OMG, I think I just died and went to heaven! This outfit is gorgeous. I am really wanting your bag right now.

    So jealous that you are going to SF... I have never been, but I really hope to visit one day soon. Have so much fun and be safe!


  4. Love this! Socks are adorable as is your bag - plus you look fabulous is purple!! :)

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  5. Cute! I love the socks over tights look. You also have the best accessories!

  6. Wow, I so luv ur outfit!! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Have a stunning day xxx

  7. Love the colour scheme of this outfit. And that bag is perfect...plaid, pretty and big enough to fit an animal and a flask.


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