sequin city

So as you read this I am off to San Francisco for the weekend! I'm so excited for the entire weekend. Tonight I will be seeing NEW MOON not once, but twice! I can't even wait. My connection was able to get me advanced tickets to a private screening downtown at 9! and then I will be jetting off to the east bay for the midnight show with friends. Then Friday night I will be at my alma mater for the SMC vs Vanderbilt basketball game. be sure to look for us on ESPN! Can't wait to see all of my dance and cheer girls. :) I have posts lined up for while I am gone, and I hope you all have a fab weekend!!


  1. He he he. Look at you looking all wicked fresh! I'm way impressed that you'll be auto posting while gone. :)

  2. love it! you look great in yellow and I love the coat! Have fun st New Moon. I see it tomorrow at 11AM! YAY!

  3. I love how you leave us with fabulous posts while you are on vacation. It helps me not go through The Discerning Fashionista withdrawals. Have fun in SF and enjoy New Moon!!

    And OMG!! Loving your coat!!!



  4. Ok, explain this to me: how do you find these kick-ass things and how in the world can you make everything look so effortless and out-of-this-world-cool???
    If I would wear this, I would look like the idiot. You, meanwhile, look like a rockstar :)
    And I'm dying for those shoes.
    Yes, and the coat as well.

    Have tons of fun in SF (which, I'm sure you will :) ),and tell us all about it :)


  5. I'm completely in love with your jacket! Have a great weekend!

  6. those leggings look brilliant! LOVE IT! have an amazing time =) xx


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