midnight in the garden.

sorry for my lack of words this week! california is keeping me busy! here are some shots of what I've been running around in. its still pretty chilly up here in sonoma. I've been doing some wonderful things, including the wedding weekend, days in the city, giants games, and much more. this weekend is going to be crazy busy as well! a garden party in the east bay tomorrow, then a festival in the city and a party at manor west that night. and of course sunday is BAY TO BREAKERS. going to be nuts. :) have a wonderful weekend!


ghiradelli day.

miss you all. heres a look at some san francisco adventures. the wedding weekend was wonderful and crazy. I will have pictures up soon. :) enjoy.


lazy days and rainbow dresses.

very quick post today. i'm on the road again... off to san francisco.
enjoy my lazy day outfit. cheers. :)


the shadow hunter.

despite feeling so down lately, I really do know that my life is a wonderful one. I know how lucky I am to have a fantastic husband who makes me so deliriously happy and so deliciously frustrated all at the same time. and I also know how lucky I am to have a husband that will bring me flowers "just because". I think that I must have the song, "the luckiest", on my brain since it was one of our wedding songs and I am getting ready for the wedding festivities this weekend. the packing frenzy is in full swing at our house right now. the most frustrating part of packing? most of my closet still remains packed from the move, so I CAN'T FIND ANY OF MY STUFF. can you tell things are tense around here? well, I will be packing the rest of the day and doing last minute errands before the drive on tuesday.
15 hours. oh. mmm. gee.
as for the outfit, I kind of love how the photos turned out. the black against all of the colors of the desert right now. don't let the sunshine fool you, it was freezing. the past week has been full of strange weather. these were taken saturday, and then sunday we had craaaazy monsoons. who knows. but, I literally tossed this on as I was running out the door for some dinner with the hubs and was glad I paired the purple with the black. isn't it fun when last minute outfits come together perfectly?
lilac halter dress with splash pattern: forever 21
black shoulder purse with rossettes: bought from a market in milano circa summer 2009
black high neck caplet: forever 21
long sleeved black tee worn underneath: H&M
black over the knee boots (folded over in these photos): bakers
black ray bans (pretty much my go to at this point)

I wore one of my new busy bee lauren headbands. man, I love this one SO hard. it may be my new favorite. its the "jace" and comes from her line of headbands named after literary characters. I LOVE that they are named after some of my favorite characters from my favorite books. "jace" just happens to be one of my particular heroes that I adore. and if you've read the mortal instruments then you totally understand how I am channeling my inner shadow hunter here. wink, wink.
antique ring: vintage shopping in tucson circa fall 2009

heart hoop earrings: nordstrom, BP section
raise your hand if this headband is pretty much slaying you. yeah, I know.

anyways, many things to do today. :)
follow me on twitter this week and keep me company so that I have something to do on my extra long trip on tuesday. here's to the start of a fantastic week for all of you.

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