asia SF, matrix, and little black dresses.

happy tuesday!
I'm finally back in tucson after a crazy two weeks. I was all over the bay area for a week, back in arizona for a day to close on our house, and then off to houston to cheer on my alma mater in the sweet sixteen!
such a roller coaster.
and this week we are FINALLY moving in to our new home! I can't wipe the smile from my face.
life is just not going to calm down for the next few months and I love it. it feels like I'm getting a slice of life back from before moving to tucson.
we spend the next few days moving in, and then my mom and dad will be here for the weekend. a few days after that our favorites, rene and leigh (brother in law and his lady) will be here for a visit. and last but not least I will be making the drive back to california for the month of may to celebrate my lovely cousin's wedding!

speaking of weddings... lets chat about last weekend's bachelorette party.

all of the ladies rocked little black dresses for the night and I had fun by adding accessories to make my look unique. I busted out another one of my busy bee headbands. the "blair" is quickly becoming my favorite. I have been wearing it everywhere!

my LBD is actually a little black shirt paired with a little black skirt! the belt is attached to the skirt and I like the funky look that it created. it looks like a dress, yes?
I didn't want to wear all black, so I made sure to add some colored tights and my sparkly coach purse.

dear headband, let me count the ways I adore thee.

I kind of adore the combination of girly frills and rocker studs.

oh hey mama-in-law! isn't she adorable? champagne is a must for the bachelorette limo ride into san francisco.

all of the bridesmaids and friends were there to support miss jules in her last wild night.

for the first stop of the night we headed to asia SF. now, for those that frequent the bay area you most likely know of this place since its an SF favorite. if you've never heard of it, lets just say that their website sums it up best by saying "the stars of the evening are the world famous gender illusionists". the lovely ladies that serve the delicious food and perform are not actually ladies at all. though, if I may say so, many of them look so auh-mazing you could never tell the difference!
in fact, some of our group that night had never been to the restaurant and couldn't believe that the gorgeous women who were singing and dancing had not been born women.

can we talk about how yummy all the food was? SO many courses! dinner lasted for almost two hours and everything was beyond delicious.

show time.

of course, we made sure that our bachelorette had an extra special moment up on the stage.

by the end of the night we found ourselves at matrix, one of my absolute favorite spots in san francisco.

dear rene and julia, remember how we attempted to make "sexy faces" in this photo? remember how we straight out failed and instead look hilarious? especially you, julia. seriously, whats happening with your lip here? well, yeah. this fail only makes me love you more.

love these girls. they are my family always. :)

don't be jealous of my super sparkly and fantastic ring. yeah, it lights up.

and obviously by the ride home, these ridiculous headbands had to make an appearance. it was a bachelorette party, after all.

below are some videos of the night. hope you enjoyed! sorry to be so short on words today... must get back to packing and moving.




its madness. march madness.

hi all!
sorry for the extended absences.
as you know I was up in california and ended up getting incredibly sick. unfortunately, I was in bed for three of the days I was up there! I still managed to have some fun, especially with all the exciting news for my alma mater.
while you all know that I LOVE me some fashion and chat about it regularly on here, I would love to take a break and revisit another important facet of megan. :)
I have been dancing and cheering my whole life and when I entered college, that tradition continued. saint mary's is a tiny school tucked away in the east bay of san francisco. we only have around 3000 students (see? t-i-n-y) and have the most gorgeous campus in all of california.
I will argue this fact with anyone (yes, that includes you pepperdine alumni. I don't care that your school is in malibu. smc owns your campus. no contest.)
but no one has ever heard of us. until this past weekend. not only did we make gonzaga look foolish in the WCC tourny, we rocked Richmond's world, and defeated the giant Villanova in the NCAA tournament. all on our way to the coveted SWEET SIXTEEN. a never been done feat for our little school. and now the entire world wants to know...
where is moraga california, and what on earth is a GAEL?

lets take a look at my life circa 2003-2007

I lived, breathed, and died by my smc dance and cheer team. love this ladies for life. just like I will love smc for life. always be proud to be a gael.
(gael=a celtic knight. in case you were wondering)

fun fact: most of these gorgeous girls still dance til this day. you are looking at three raiderettes, a 49er gold rush girl, and THE captain of the warrior girls.
my friends have talent. couldn't be prouder.

wasn't that a fun flashback? I know I enjoyed it. here are some pictures from the home game against gonzaga back when I was in california visiting.

Mckeon Pavillion was pretty much my home. I think I spent more hours practicing and preforming at games here than I ever did in my dorm room.

fun fact #2: both my parents also went to saint mary's. and my dad was on the basketball team. this school is pretty much a part of our family.

watching my cheer girls follow in my footsteps.

here we are over the weekend cheering on our Gaels in the tourny! our first two games were across the country so we went over to campus to watch them with the rest of the alumni.

since we are a small catholic school we have a funny saying that has been around since my parents went there. "god is a gael"
its our own little motto. who knows where it came from.
but its true. god is a gael. he graduated in the class of '79, I believe.

celebrating after we beat VILLANOVA.
one of the most amazing days ever. saint mary's is in the sweet sixteen.

we were SO excited! everyone rushed out to ring the super old saint mary's bell!
it NEVER gets rung!
this was the first time I've ever heard it!
seriously, MOMENTOUS.

fun fact #3: five of our players are from australia! neat, huh? when I was a student we had some on the team as well and they would have their friends come up to visit. basketball season was also known as "aussie season" on our campus. we even have the australian flag hanging in our gym! they started a fabulous tradition... every time an australian player hits a three we cheer....


So thanks for bearing with me through my non-fashion post. :)
I can barely contain my pride and excitement this week!! as we speak, the hubby and I are jetting off to houston to meet my parents and the rest of the GAEL NATION to cheer on our boys against baylor. tune in and look for me on tv! friday night on espn!
say it with me... S-M-C!

show me some school spirit. holla. :)


ties, vests, and mackenzie falls.

happy wednesday all! AND happy st. pat's day!
have you hugged an irish person yet today? no? well get to it!
I'm sorry I was MIA yesterday but I was crazy busy and traveling all over.
but it is a wonderful day because I am back in the bay (and rhyming apparently) and waking up to some gorgeous northern california weather. I am lucky enough to be spending the day with my mom!
hooray, I truly missed her.
we are heading to the spa this morning for some facials, some mani pedi action and of course getting our hair done. the usual. then we are going to lunch it up at one of our favorite places in the north bay, central market in petaluma. if you are around the area please, please, please give it a try. you will thank me. after lunch we are going to take an afternoon zumba class and by that point we may need some
mother daughter nap time.

and finally tonight I will be heading over to the east bay for some st. pat's celebrating with my girls. its good to be home. :)

but lets chat about this outfit for a minute.

the inspiration behind this combo comes from the lovely busy bee herself. thanks home girl for rocking a tie and teaching me your ways. I have seen the light.

since lauren and I (as well as some other lovely ladies) have been chatting it up about mackenzie falls like crazy, I decided to create the entire outfit around it.
whats mack falls, you ask?
oh well its on wednesday nights after so random. right girls? :)
no, but really its a parody of super dramatic shows and it hilarious. have a look for yourself if you don't believe me.

keeping with the preppy yet funky theme, I wore some purple tights (colored tights are a must on mack falls) with the new purple boots.
how cool/auh-mazing/pretty-to-look-at are they?

I've had this tube dress for years and its actually from the company that I used to work for. CAbi puts out some really nice stuff. its definitely for an older demographic than the twenty-something set, but I had a fun time each season selecting a few pieces and finding my own way to "funky them up".
but the crazy cool part of this dress is that its reversible. yay for two dresses in one! when you flip it over its a lovely polka dot pattern.
and who doesn't love a good polka dot?

my betsey johnson purse was the perfect finishing touch with the purple and the preppy plaid. did I mention how much I adore me some betsey? sigh. must hit up the union square store before I leave next week.

and yeah. the polaroids are still happening. don't complain.

on an ending note, the utterly FABULOUS mailbox mavens are under way!
miss christina from fabulocity in amish country had her first post today!
and guess what she rocked? my blue cardi. so proud because she owned it.
srsly girl, you killed it and you look phenomenal.
if you have a moment pop over and see how she styled it up and check back next week for my first mailbox mavens post. we are having too much fun with this swap!

hope you all are having a fantastic week!

and may the luck of the irish be with you today. :)

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