ties, vests, and mackenzie falls.

happy wednesday all! AND happy st. pat's day!
have you hugged an irish person yet today? no? well get to it!
I'm sorry I was MIA yesterday but I was crazy busy and traveling all over.
but it is a wonderful day because I am back in the bay (and rhyming apparently) and waking up to some gorgeous northern california weather. I am lucky enough to be spending the day with my mom!
hooray, I truly missed her.
we are heading to the spa this morning for some facials, some mani pedi action and of course getting our hair done. the usual. then we are going to lunch it up at one of our favorite places in the north bay, central market in petaluma. if you are around the area please, please, please give it a try. you will thank me. after lunch we are going to take an afternoon zumba class and by that point we may need some
mother daughter nap time.

and finally tonight I will be heading over to the east bay for some st. pat's celebrating with my girls. its good to be home. :)

but lets chat about this outfit for a minute.

the inspiration behind this combo comes from the lovely busy bee herself. thanks home girl for rocking a tie and teaching me your ways. I have seen the light.

since lauren and I (as well as some other lovely ladies) have been chatting it up about mackenzie falls like crazy, I decided to create the entire outfit around it.
whats mack falls, you ask?
oh well its on wednesday nights after so random. right girls? :)
no, but really its a parody of super dramatic shows and it hilarious. have a look for yourself if you don't believe me.

keeping with the preppy yet funky theme, I wore some purple tights (colored tights are a must on mack falls) with the new purple boots.
how cool/auh-mazing/pretty-to-look-at are they?

I've had this tube dress for years and its actually from the company that I used to work for. CAbi puts out some really nice stuff. its definitely for an older demographic than the twenty-something set, but I had a fun time each season selecting a few pieces and finding my own way to "funky them up".
but the crazy cool part of this dress is that its reversible. yay for two dresses in one! when you flip it over its a lovely polka dot pattern.
and who doesn't love a good polka dot?

my betsey johnson purse was the perfect finishing touch with the purple and the preppy plaid. did I mention how much I adore me some betsey? sigh. must hit up the union square store before I leave next week.

and yeah. the polaroids are still happening. don't complain.

on an ending note, the utterly FABULOUS mailbox mavens are under way!
miss christina from fabulocity in amish country had her first post today!
and guess what she rocked? my blue cardi. so proud because she owned it.
srsly girl, you killed it and you look phenomenal.
if you have a moment pop over and see how she styled it up and check back next week for my first mailbox mavens post. we are having too much fun with this swap!

hope you all are having a fantastic week!

and may the luck of the irish be with you today. :)



  1. Oooo I love it! The purples are great!! And thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. Have fun at zumba...the class kicks my butt everytime, but it's so much fun. I love all the purple.

  3. Oh my gosh! I am in love with you and this outfit. You ROCKED IT! Our Mack-Money would be so proud!

  4. Megan, you look beyond gorgeous! I am glad our conversations and BBL inspired this Mack Falls style outfit. You are rockin' it!

  5. Love the outfit (and those boots)!!

  6. I love your dancing in the mail room :)

    CC xXx


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