its madness. march madness.

hi all!
sorry for the extended absences.
as you know I was up in california and ended up getting incredibly sick. unfortunately, I was in bed for three of the days I was up there! I still managed to have some fun, especially with all the exciting news for my alma mater.
while you all know that I LOVE me some fashion and chat about it regularly on here, I would love to take a break and revisit another important facet of megan. :)
I have been dancing and cheering my whole life and when I entered college, that tradition continued. saint mary's is a tiny school tucked away in the east bay of san francisco. we only have around 3000 students (see? t-i-n-y) and have the most gorgeous campus in all of california.
I will argue this fact with anyone (yes, that includes you pepperdine alumni. I don't care that your school is in malibu. smc owns your campus. no contest.)
but no one has ever heard of us. until this past weekend. not only did we make gonzaga look foolish in the WCC tourny, we rocked Richmond's world, and defeated the giant Villanova in the NCAA tournament. all on our way to the coveted SWEET SIXTEEN. a never been done feat for our little school. and now the entire world wants to know...
where is moraga california, and what on earth is a GAEL?

lets take a look at my life circa 2003-2007

I lived, breathed, and died by my smc dance and cheer team. love this ladies for life. just like I will love smc for life. always be proud to be a gael.
(gael=a celtic knight. in case you were wondering)

fun fact: most of these gorgeous girls still dance til this day. you are looking at three raiderettes, a 49er gold rush girl, and THE captain of the warrior girls.
my friends have talent. couldn't be prouder.

wasn't that a fun flashback? I know I enjoyed it. here are some pictures from the home game against gonzaga back when I was in california visiting.

Mckeon Pavillion was pretty much my home. I think I spent more hours practicing and preforming at games here than I ever did in my dorm room.

fun fact #2: both my parents also went to saint mary's. and my dad was on the basketball team. this school is pretty much a part of our family.

watching my cheer girls follow in my footsteps.

here we are over the weekend cheering on our Gaels in the tourny! our first two games were across the country so we went over to campus to watch them with the rest of the alumni.

since we are a small catholic school we have a funny saying that has been around since my parents went there. "god is a gael"
its our own little motto. who knows where it came from.
but its true. god is a gael. he graduated in the class of '79, I believe.

celebrating after we beat VILLANOVA.
one of the most amazing days ever. saint mary's is in the sweet sixteen.

we were SO excited! everyone rushed out to ring the super old saint mary's bell!
it NEVER gets rung!
this was the first time I've ever heard it!
seriously, MOMENTOUS.

fun fact #3: five of our players are from australia! neat, huh? when I was a student we had some on the team as well and they would have their friends come up to visit. basketball season was also known as "aussie season" on our campus. we even have the australian flag hanging in our gym! they started a fabulous tradition... every time an australian player hits a three we cheer....


So thanks for bearing with me through my non-fashion post. :)
I can barely contain my pride and excitement this week!! as we speak, the hubby and I are jetting off to houston to meet my parents and the rest of the GAEL NATION to cheer on our boys against baylor. tune in and look for me on tv! friday night on espn!
say it with me... S-M-C!

show me some school spirit. holla. :)


  1. Megan, that is so exciting!!! I have to admit, I'd been wondering who the Gaels were when you mentioned them on twitter. And I'm right there with you about small schools--my college is around 1500. It's insane.

    Go Gaels!

  2. LOL I was the same - I was like whats a gael :D

    Hope you win - will be rooting for your team!!!

    CC xXx

  3. Aww. I have totally been thinking about you as the Gaels moved through the tournament. What an excellent year for your school. Seriously wonderful that such a tiny school made it to the Sweet 16! Really for reals.

    And also, why does basketball produce such heartache?

  4. So wonderful for your school to make it so far. These flashback photos are so fun -- so cool to see some of the things and people who were big parts of your college life!


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