black and white and zebra all over.

good morning lovely blog friends! I just wanted to say that I am so thankful for all of your kind words and thoughts of encouragement over the weekend. after having such a horrid day, it made my life to see such support from my blog-land-friends. :)
you guys are the best.
but its monday morning so lets get off and running... shall we?
today is an exceptionally busy day for me.
(when isn't it lately? srsly time for a day off)
I'm leaving for san francisco tomorrow and still have to pack/get everything ready. my girls will be going to doggie day care for the longest time ever and I'm so nervous for them!
I'm just being a paranoid pet mama, but still....

um yeah. on to the outfit.

I wore this on friday. you know, the day that wouldn't end.
I was up at the crack of dawn for the vet visit, & the hair wasn't happening so much. thank goodness for headbands and pony tails. am I right?
as simple as the outfit was, I was totally in love with it. I straight up wanted to marry this outfit, the shoes in particular. we had some meetings for the house that day so I wanted to be somewhat dressy but still comfy.

the shirt is another pull from my mom's closet, and its super soft.
also, its vera wang.
yeah, I died.

but since I'm a mix it up maven, I paired the vera with some forever21 leggings, a target zebra purse, and some zebra flats from sears. crazy huh? they were another black friday find.
see how I am making more of an effort to rock flats?
be proud of me ladies

I was feeling it. it had kind of a "menswear-risky-business-with-a-twist" vibe to it.
works for me.

also, this crazy cool train background? the view from our back balcony. we live in a super funky urban loft that used to be an old ice house. it reminds me of soho in new york. its all metal pipes and cement and brick. very urban chic.
but its right up against the train tracks. and um yeah, loud.

the bevy of bracelets, again. love them. added a new wooden beaded bracelet from the swap meet last weekend.

swoon with me ladies. its ok. as if the zebra print wasn't enough? they have velvet trim with velvet bows. adorable.

remember that time I discovered software to turn all my pictures into polaroids? then remember how I turned ALL of my pictures into polaroids? that's because it happened yesterday. no joke. I know, it does sound productive.

anyways, I will be leaving you posts this week. follow me on twitter if you want to hear about all the FAB things I will be up to back in san francisco.




  1. Love the black and white and that you rocked the flats. Tres chic.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. I can't think of anything much better than a menswear-risky-business-with-a-twist vibe. That's some pretty serious cool going on there.

  3. Love this look! The pops of zebra make it rock :)

  4. Ha ha! Yay for polaroid software! That's awesome! Can you post a link?

    This outfit is very nicely balancing chic and ka-pow! If that makes any sense. You wore it perfectly.

  5. The zebra looks great. I'm also seriously in love with that nail polish!

  6. Hope you have an awesome time in San Francisco, love. Thanks for your super sweet email today. Made my morning to wake up to it.

    Absolutely loving everything about this look. The touches of zebra are perfect. And the shoes from Sears? Seriously? Would have never guessed! They are adorable. And can we talk about how awesome your hair looks pulled back like that? Because it does.

  7. Love those shoes and the purse. The outfit is supercute!!

  8. I couldn't love this more, I am totally afraid of print but you make it look so easy!


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