eight days a week, I love you.

yawn, stretch, more yawing
happy thursday to you all.
today my hubby and I have the day off and it didn't begin in the best way.
we woke up around 430 to one of our dogs getting ridiculously sick so we had to take her for an emergency vet visit.
so much fun.
shes alright now, and is sleeping her day away... which is what I would like to be doing but we've got to head out and deal with some stuff. one thing being that yesterday some people decided to vandalize our new house. so sad.
they threw rocks/boulders through the windows and now everything has to be replaced. people can just be horrible, you know?
anyways, I'm going to try to have a positive day with my man.
leaving you with some photos from the family portrait that we had done with my in laws last month.

our family friend and amazing photographer, steve arnett took these at my mama-in-law's request. all the ladies rocked black ensembles, while the boys wore blue tones.
(note: I don't have the high resolutions right now, so I apologize if they look a little blurry)

my mama-in-law is in the center, and everyone always thinks that she is my mom because we look so much alike. then we have cousin/sister julia, and little sister, dennae.
love them something fierce.

there were so many couples on hand, that steve took some shots of each of us.

this one is my fav. we are totally goofy. :)

can we talk about how much I was dying over my all black ensemble.
I love wearing all black almost as much as I love rocking bright colors.
all black equals super sassy and chic, if you ask me.

my bro-in-law and my sistah, rene. they are like an alternate version of my husband and I. when the four of us get together its the best of times.
and rene is coming to visit me in tucson next month!
*jumps up and down*

all the in-laws/fam.

oh, oh! remember the matching bowling shirts that we all received for christmas?
well we decided to wear them for a crazy family picture.
that's how we roll.

can you tell that we are the silliest bunch?
after the picture taking, all of the family and the close friends that were at the photo shoot came over to the house.
the ladies then cooked dinner for everyone.
we had a mexican feast!
I made my famous enchiladas with guacamole and rene was my little sioux chef.
you can find the recipe here, if you are interested in whipping some up. :)

mmmm... they look so good. I am getting hungry just checkin out these photos.

and then we all chowed down and lived happily ever after.
the end

so, who else has a crazy fam?



  1. I kinda really need to make those enchiladas! Yum!

    As much as I love color, I LOVE black outfits too! I am loving yours! And your boots! Hello!

  2. Megan, you have such a good attitude...and I hope that you and Logan have the BEST day today after all that went on this morning and yesterday( I hate people who ruin other people's belongings... so sorry!). So glad to hear your dog is ok though!

    On a positive note, I LOVE this family photos. You all look so wonderful. (P.S. Your mother-in-law REALLY does look like she could be your mom... you are both so beautiful!)


  3. You have such a beautiful family. I'm Filipino so of course we too have a crazy family. :)

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your house being vandalized - i hope you can get it all fixed soon.

    Your pics are crazy - but great - I have a small but mad family :D But dont really see the in-laws much nowadays :(

    You really do look like you mil - i too thought it was YOUR mum!!

    Those Enchilada's look so scrumy I want them to jumop off the screen :D

    CC xXx

  5. What the hell? Why would people do that to your house? That makes me so angry. I'm so sorry. Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude. Which I think is amazing. We all have to remember that these are just things and it is our health that is what is important. But I hope everything gets fixed soon!!!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your house and your dog. Hopefully those things can be remedied quickly.

    It's great that you're so positive, and your family pictures were so fun to look at. No one in my family ever wants their picture taken.

  7. Those pictures are absolutely adorable!

  8. These pictures are ADORABLE! LOVE THEM!!!!


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