sequins and bowling shirts. oh my.

happy tuesday. today's post is heavy on the pictures and light on the words. a very rare occasion for an english major, I promise you. this week just gets busier and busier. :)

I brought my H&M sequin frock with me for the trip and dressed it up with all black for our family dinner at the in-laws.
It can be seen in this older post for a little more of a rockin, casual look.
but I digress.
since my hubby, Logan, had to work through christmas (federal agents don't have much of a say in their schedules!) he was only able to come home for a dew days after the holidays.
we decided to have a faux christmas so that he would be able to celebrate.
everyone got dolled up and we had a ginormous dinner.

below is a photo of our family first wive's club. ha.
if you have been paying attention, you will notice that my husband comes from a family that is heavy on the male side. four brothers, one sweet little sister, and one rockin cousin (shes like a sister to us)
the three oldest brothers are all within a few years of each other and we always have a blast. its literally like living with your best friends. no one makes me laugh the way my family/in-laws do.
for reals.

so here are the girls. Rene and Jules. Julia is that crazy cousin, and she is getting married in a few months (cant wait to walk down that aisle right before you darling).
Rene is dating one of my many brother in laws, Leigh. He is closest in age to my hubs and therefore the most like him. I love her because she is one of the only people in the world who truly understands what its like to live with one of these boys.
she also understands me best because both of them have chosen to serve their country.
*our boys are brave*
they both put their lives on the line and I am so proud of them. it takes a certain type of lady to be able to get through that and to be separated for long stints of time.
Logan and I were apart for almost 8 months last year!
and miss Rene won't have her man back in her arms until the end of this year.
sigh. we are tough chicks.

*another member of the first wives club*

now, I offer an explanation for the below photos.
remember my wacky in-laws? with the upside down tree? the ones who call themselves the wolf pack?
(were not crazy, our last name is wolf. duh.)
well for our family christmas present this year, they decided to buy all of us matching bowling shirts with our names on them! crazy!

and sometimes the combination of bowling shirts plus wine equals embarrassing photos of you lovin on rob patz.

dear pre-teen sister in law,
thanks for bringing out your teen bop magazine to share with your older sisters at 2 am, when you knew that you shouldn't be showing us pictures from twilight. and thanks for insisting we take pictures of it. I will get you back for this. you and your justin beiber clad room.

after dinner/copious amounts of wine/present opening, we decided to have a bon fire outside and catch up with each other. all together in the fam we have...

Julia, Tom, Logan, Megan, Leigh, Rene, Landon, Tiana, Layton, and Denae.

and those are just the kids. brady bunch much?

remember at the beginning of this post when I said I wasn't going to write much today?
yeah. I totally lied.

hope you enjoyed the extra long post and again stay tuned for later this week! and welcome new followers! I appreciate each and every comment and lovely person who takes time to check out my ramblings!

to those who are being caught in the snow out east, be careful, and stay warm!
and make some snow angels for me already. jeez.



  1. Um ... I really want that H&M dress. There's a good chance I may dream about it tonight...

  2. You crack me up. When you first wrote that it was going to be light on words, my first thought was, "Is that really possible?" lol

    Your in-laws sound like the coolest people ever. Those bowling shirts are hilarious! How awesome is it that you have such a great connection with all of them?! Super sweet and the closeness totally comes through in these pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am totally in love with that sequin dress!! That whole look is awesome! :) And the bowling shirts = awesome!

  4. Totally jealous of your relationship with the Wolf side.

  5. I totally wore the bowling shirt last Friday. Don't judge me.


    Also - I think Leigh stretches when it comes time to take a picture. I swear I was in my 4 inch sparkly red shoes in that picture. ARG. Then he has the audacity to say that wearing heels is false advertising. Why am I braving the cold East Coast for this loony? I don't know. I just don't know.

  6. I'm so jealous of your bowling shirt! I've always wanted one. I think you may have the best family ever.

  7. fabulous outfit, love the sparkles and layered bangles! but seriously, those bowling shirts are awesome! i'm totally jealous and you and your family look so fun and adorable!

  8. Awww! Dude. I was wondering how you were going to get bowling shirts on this blog. I just couldn't picture it. But it all came together like fashionable clockwork. You're amazing.


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