BCBG and other letters I'm fond of.

so last post when I said it would be short? this time I am totally following through on that promise. tomorrow is a huge post with a give away, and another valentine's give away to follow. so we are keeping it short and sweet.
just like me.
oh hai barely over five feet tall. thank you heels.

this is the new BCBG shirt that I j'adore. like whoa. its crazy soft like a night gown and I love, love, loves it. this sweater is equally as soft and can be found at forever 21. I definitely purchased two of them and wore them non-stop
gray & black.
on that note; I understand that I am rocking a copious amount of black on this trip but nothing speaks to my city-girl-side like a black ensemble, newly polished nails, a latte, and that rolling SF fog.
you know how much I adore color.
in the spring/summer I am like a walking rainbow.
raise your hand if you own tights in 50 different colors
*oh me!*
I promise the colors shall make a triumphant return at the end of this trip.

speaking of that glorious fog, I do believe that its trying to steal my thunder in this picture.

*um excuse me fog? I'm trying to show off the new BGBG (I really can't say it enough in this post, can I?)
so, could you take it back a few notches? thanks.

I need more ideas on how to wear this short hair do. somebody offer some suggestions. stat.

le sigh. this is where my best friend/maid of honor/ soul mate (sorry logan) lives and its simply stunning. I am getting that homesick bug right about....
*counting down the days until 3/16*

I'm positive that in french this means "BCBG is super awesome. then end"
yeah, that seems right.
christen, thoughts?

this scrumptious ring was purchased at a fair in santa fe, nm over the summer and they metal work on it is just gorgeous.

had to do another close up of the bangles. I added a few over the trip. next week you will see the ones I picked up over in berkeley and they are super funky.

I wanted to amend this post, as I have just heard the horrible news of the death of a great fashion icon. Alexander McQueen was a true visionary and artist and its absolutely tragic when someone so talented is lost at so young an age. we can only imagine what wonderful work he would have had for years to come. this is truly a loss to both the fashion and artistic community. today is a sad day as we say goodbye to a creative and inspirational soul.

happy thursday and be sure to come back tomorrow!
*squeals for my first give away*


  1. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!! Love it, love it, love it!!



  2. "Oui oui moi aussi" means "Yes yes, me too!" I took 5 years of high school and college, French, but I hardly ever get to use it. Thanks lady!

    And I am totally feeling you on the SF archetype: lots of black, cell phone, coffee, fog, muni pass. I know the girl you speak of.

  3. Don't you know heels are false advertising? I didn't know either until Leigh yelled at me from across the house. I'm sure Logan can fill you in on the details. :P.

    Super cute outfit, by the way. I remember it fondly :).

  4. This sweater looks cute on you, I just bought it and returned it because I thought I was too short to wear it. Im only 5'2 so I know how you feel! Got to make it work! xoxo Jolie

  5. Love the outfit. Black and grey is classic :)

  6. I am sooooo freaking excited about your first giveaway!

    And as a fellow lover of neutrals, I love this look. You look so glamorous. And the shirt says, "Yes, yes, me too." But it rhymes in French and I like your translation better :)

    P.S. I get to go back to work tomorrow! Woohoo!

  7. I loveeeeeee this shirt! This whole outfit is so city chic.... .love it! :)


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