the 100th post: recaps and a give away!

woo! can you tell I'm excited? thank you all for your wonderful friendship & support this past year. to commemorate reaching 100 posts I am doing my very first give away!
*jumps up and down with excitement*
I wanted to make it something really special and this what I came up with...

meet lauren, the busy bee. she is a blogger/designer/photographer/artist extraordinaire. and more recently, a killer headband designer. her lovely creations truly rock my world and I'm sure your going to be equally as nuts over them. I have two headed my way as we speak, and I have a third one that will be up for grabs.
just for you!

voila.... the Chloe
lauren names all of her headbands after important ladies in her life. isn't that auh-mazing? I think its super sweet and I can't wait to share this give away with one of you!
I chose the chloe because that adorable cheetah rosette is calling to my fashionista side. you know its calling you as well. check out her creations here.

all you have to do to enter this give away is have a peak at my 2009 outfit recap below and leave a comment letting me know what YOUR favorite outfit is!
easy as that. :)

Since I only got back a few weeks ago from the big trip, I haven't really had time to do "a year in review: the outfits of 2009". I'm thinking that this type ordeal is perfect for my 100th post. So, off we go on the yearly recap.

I started the year out with a las vegas trip with some friends, and these are my top two favorite outfits. two of my LBD's that I'm quite fond of. the above photo is taken at the "parasol room" at the wynn, where we stayed.
and yes, I would like a room like that in my house.

walking around the strip. you will see these boots fairly often in the recap. I didn't realize how many times I wore them this past year!

the spring time was spent visiting my parents often up in sonoma while Logan was away at his boot camp. this gorgeous field is right behind their house and my mom and I loved to walk the three dogs out there. love my pearls and tutu in this outfit.

the spring was also spent with friends attempting to cross out things on my "san francisco list".
the list of all of my favorite things to do in the bay area and all the things I've always wanted to do, but never done. on this day, my friend jen and I waited in line over an hour so that we could drive my convertible down Lomard street. you know, "the crooked street".
it was totally worth it.

in april I traveled to Italy for most of the month with some of the women in my family
(mama, aunt, and great aunt).
we visited with our family and friends that live there and had so much fun. we traveled mostly in the north, staying in Milano, Venezia, Verona, and Lago di Garda to name a few. it was summer weather and it was super hot so I wore mostly dresses. these were my favorites.

sad face for the last gelato of the trip. when I'm there I pretty much alternate between and espresso & gelato. my life blood.

outside alessandra's house in milano. getting ready for the futbol party!
Italians take their futbol very seriously.
sitting in Attila the Hun's chair on the island of torcello.

at the doge's palace wearing my little purple frock that I bought for next to nothing at a street fair that day.
sipping proseco in the sun.
at alessandra's chateau at the lake. um, hi? can I live here year round?

back in the states in may and spending time in one of my favorite cities by the bay.

in june, my friend and I took a week trip to santa fe and it was gorgeous. oh man, I was dying over the adorable-ness of this quaint town. and also I have to admit I was excited to visit the town that had been featured in two of my all-time favorite musical numbers.
newsies/christian bale/santa fe
rent/jesse l. martin/santa fe

another santa fe outfit. I was attempting to channel my "inner-south-west" girl in preparation for the arizona move and wore... a cowgirl hat.
yup. I went there.
while in new mexico, we also made it to roswell. and yes, we did meet many strange people that we suspected were aliens. it was the funniest town! EVERYTHING was alien based, even their McDonald's was shaped like a UFO. so funny.
and yes, we did tour the alien museum. why not?

many july nights at the boardwalk in santa cruz, ca.
fourth of july parade. I went maxi crazy last summer.

in the middle of the month we headed home to chicago for a visit, a cubs game, and a few nights at the drake.
love walking the beach of lake michigan.
no shoes required.
escapades at navy pier.
oh hai taller-version of megan. your legs are looking mighty long today.

taken in august. last day in california. last walk behind the house with mama.

first night out in tucson. the day we moved in it was 115 degrees and I wondered to myself...
what have we done?

wore this to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.
august 15, 2008
we wandered around and explored our new town since it was our first few days there.

I quickly discovered that tucson has the best thrift stores.

my favorite back to school outfit. after the move, I decided to head back to school. again. :)

told you that normally I look like a walking rainbow.
but in a good way.

I was auh-mazed at how long it stayed ridiculously hot in the southwest. far into october.
still in short sleeves in late september. crazy.
also, this rock star vest was definetely thrifted for under 4 dollars. love that.
bohemian chic in october.

all that glitters is my shiny sequin dress.

during october we celebrated my mama's 50th birthday in vegas. I adored this look because of the fedora. which, was sadly crushed recently in the "california trip" suitcase.

um, helllllo faux fur vest. let me count the ways I love thee.
found this vest during the vegas trip. I'm not much of a gambler. more of a shopper

once we got back from vegas it was halloween time! my favorite time of the year.
and I was feeling the roaring 20's. gatsby style.

and at this point we are reaching the end of the year and since these are pretty recent, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. :)
also, I am fer sure running out of witty/charming commentary. and getting kind of tired. ha.

well there you have it! my favorite outfits of 2009. man that was an insane post. going to need a few days to recover from this one. :)

I hope you enjoyed it and go ahead and click the comments section to enter yourself in my first give away. I know you are all loving on the busy bee headbands as much as I am.

and if you wandered over here from the lovely lauren's blog, or amazing amy's blog (hows that for alliteration?) and you like what you see, be sure to hit that follow button up top! :) thanks!

buon weekend!



  1. What a great blog - I love that you have an outfit photo diary and you can see how your style has evolved. The white blouse/ blue skirt look is sweet.

  2. You have amazing variety in your styles and wardrobe. Hard to choose but my favorite outfit is the back to school look with orange leggings! Congrats on 100!!! xoxo Jolie

  3. love the images! Happy 100th! The new blog layout looks great!!

  4. I love your first LBD in Vegas. Your gold sequin dress AND that great yellow full length floral thrift store find!
    Happy 100th and cheers to 100 more!

  5. i just adore this post. congrats on your 100th! you have such a lovely, fun sense of style and color... and you're so gorgeous. these are all great photos. the orange-and-green back-to-school and the blue and purple tights ones are so fantastic i don't even know what to say. but really it's all fabulous.
    i wish you much success and can't wait to see what you put together for your next 100!

  6. "in april I traveled to Italy for most of the month with some of the women in my family
    (mama, aunt, and great aunt)."

    How awesome was that?! Sounds fantastic. :)

    And this dress happens to be my favorite outfit :D

  7. Wow. You look insanely good in halter top dresses with flowy skirts. That dress style is MADE for you. It's a blessing that you live in AZ, and thus mostly have the hot weather required to wear them.

    Also, if I love New Mexico, San Diego, and Arizona, will I probably love Italy? Just wondering. Can you tell I'm a desert baby? That would be one more reason to try and visit.

    I think the blue and white dress with the red shoes and purse was around the time that I first started following your blog. I adore that look! Again, so perfect on you.

    Last thing: you seriously make me reconsider my reluctance to rock the maxi.

  8. You are beautiful and rock every outfit!


  9. Your outfits are gorgeous, as are you!

  10. I am in love with that black and grey leopard dress! Also, I am dying over the long yellow vintage feeling dress towards the bottom! You have such great style! I'm so glad I found this blog.

  11. I love the leapord dress you wore in Chicago! I also love your hair. The one time I visisted San Francisco I also made a point to drive down the 'crooked street'! so fun!

    I also love Lauren's headbands, they are so gorgeous...and my daughter's name is Chloe. :)

  12. All your outfits are really cool but I especially love the dress you have on when you were eating gelato! It's so adorable!

  13. in love mayjah-ly with your outfit in the field. the white tutu is TO DIE FOR. love your looks, color me inspired! :)

  14. Love your blog! You're so cute and totally love the way you dress! Gosh, i wish I could pull stuff off like that! Anyway my favorite outfit is the "inner south-west" and love what you wore on your "San Francisco List" :)

  15. There's so much good stuff here! First, I love you with bangs. Then, I LOVE your longer hair in its wavy glory in Sand Fran. THEN, the maxi dresses? I die!!!

  16. i'm gonna have to go with tuscon bc that was the outfit that made me discover your blog! plus omg nautical is SO spring '10 which is awesome :)
    your sante fe dress comes in a close second though because it is SO GORGEOUS and i really want it lol

  17. So my favorite of all is your 1 year wedding anniversary dress.. just beautiful.

    I Want A Headband!

  18. Umm I love that headband!! And, if you weren't so absolutely fabulous, it would be way easier to pick a favorite! Umm I'm dying over your maxi dresses... they're amazing and you look great in them!! I love that 2nd LBD... and those black cage heels... oh my... Ok, I'll try to be done. haha... :) Congrats on 100 posts!!

  19. Congrats on hitting 100! While I adore all your outfits, I just love the rainbow one. It's so bright and happy looking.

  20. What a completely fabulous first giveaway! I'm so excited and reeeeeeeeally hope I win.

    As for my favorite look? It has to be the tutu. How could you not LOVE a tutu?! But I have to admit, I am pretty obsessed with all of your maxi dresses. You look so effortlessly elegant, chic and bohemian. I love them!

  21. Congrats on your 100th post! Love love love the pearls & tutu outfit, so freaking adorable!!!!

  22. Congrats on 100 posts!

    There are so many great outfits to choose from, but I think my favorite is the black and white one with the furry vest.

  23. I really like April and August, but I like almost all of them! I'd love to see your closet. It must be amazing. Congrats on #100!

  24. The green dress with orange tights=me dead from swoonage. Rock it girl.

    I love BBL's headbands! Me likey!

  25. Oh my goodness where to start - I love them all :D

    I love the one where you are sipping wine in Italy and your wedding anni post - and I just realised we share the same Weddign date 15th August!!!!

    CC xXx

  26. I love the tutu and pearls in the tall grass (?) field. So pretty...


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