faux fur and a foggy field.

happy monday!
the weekends are beginning to go by far too quickly.
especially now that I am trying to pack for our big move to our first house!
before I tell you about these lovely foggy photos, let me say this...

make sure you enter my first give away from friday's post! you have one week to enter and grab a BBL headband! so scroll on down to the previous post and click away :)
I'll probably remind you a few more times this week.
I'm helpful/pesky like that.

*now I'll be quiet*

ok, so these are some of my favorite shots from the trip. not because I am wearing a particularly awesome ensemble, but because I am kind of head-over-heels in love with this background. it was exceptionally foggy and just about to rain so the sky was this murky "storm-about-to-hit" color. glorious.
this gorgeous field is the one that is right behind my parents house. remember this picture? taken in the same field in the summer when everything in sonoma is golden and brown. it amazes me how one place can look so different.
beautiful, but in two completely opposite ways.

I was sort of angry with myself later that I wasn't wearing a more incredible outfit, but I was so in love with how the field looked out the window the day I was visiting my parents I just hopped up, grabbed the hubby and decided it was photo shoot time.

raise your hand if you are loving the lighter version of the faux fur vest! I was so enthralled by my black one (that I pretty much rocked the entire first half of the trip), I decided to give in and grab myself this one as well.
on a similar note: I only wear faux fur because, as you know. I am a friend of the animals. I think my hubs will move out if I bring any more homeless animals back to our place! trying to be animal conscious is difficult when you are a fashionista. no leather. no fur. having to check all the labels to see what goes into your clothing. but its worth it and I make it work.
to each their own.

it was a rainy/chilly/stay inside kind of day, so I was all layered up. layering is one of the number one rules when you live in san francisco. it can be foggy in the morning, rainy at lunch, sunny by the afternoon, and clear skies when the sun goes down.
you really never know.
so the key? layer up.
I'm most definitely working my inner-boho-chic look here with as many layers as I have on.

wearing the other sweater from forever 21. see its twin, the black/white version here.
man, I am linking this post like crazy today.
I am a linking fiend.

my photographer/husband extraordinaire. such a fun day romping around in the field. we had our dogs out with us as well. have to say the hubs impressed me by being able to shoot/walk three dogs at the same time.
what a multi-tasker.

any who, who is dying over all of the crazy new york fashion week coverage?!
so many things that I am in love with right now!
BCBG and Gwen Stefani rocked my world. not to mention Betsey J. of course, and her stunning tribute to A. McQueen. good stuff Bets.

ok, one more time for good measure... go enter the give away ladies. :)



  1. (hand raised) The white is just gorgeous with your hair.

    I am so with you on no fur, no leather, which also makes watching some of the collections kind of difficult. So far my hands down favorite has been Cynthia Steffe.

    Where do you go to check them out? I go to nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/

    Also, it totally is a gorgeous backdrop and your husband is an incredible multi-tasker. These are pictures that probably make you feel like a super lucky lady. Very valentines appropriate. :)

  2. The field is gorgeous. Reminds me of Wizard of Oz.


    Sorry, I had to get that out there. I like this vest because I can call you the abominable snowman. And you'll love me, and hug me, and call me George.

  4. I had no idea you have an animal product-free wardrobe - I really admire that. I'm sure it takes a lot of effort and awareness but that's so awesome :)

    And I loooooove these pictures. The background is incredible as is your look. The faux fur is divine!

    And THANK YOU for the Valentine's Day card. I'll email you tomorrow but I loved it. You are such a sweetheart! Why can't you live closer???

  5. Those pics are beautiful! They look straight out of a magazine!


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