matrix and the bitter end.

happy tuesday! I'm particularly excited because the hubby has the day off today (hes a federal agent and has the strangest days off). we didn't have a chance to celebrate valentine's day, which is really ok with me, so we are going to spend the day together today.
on the agenda:
1. take the dogs for a few mile hike at sabino canyon in the gorgeous arizona sun.
2. head over to the university to check out the ansel adams photo exhibit.
3. drive out to the San Xavier Del Bac mission. its beautiful.
4. take our packed picnic and have dinner at the lake across from our new house
5. go have a dance party in the new house now that there are floors!

so on to the post. and I apologize in advance because these photos were super difficult to edit and they came out sort of crazy looking. they were mostly taken were it was dark to begin with and the flash either went bananas or didn't work at all.
way to go, fancy camera.

this night was such a blast. it was our friend frankie's birthday and so he rented this huge limo for the night and we headed into the city. san francisco is such a huge city that if your going to have a real night out, this is the only way to do it. that way you don't have to worry about anyone trying to drive themselves, or about getting lost en route to the next stop.

when we head out in SF during the winter months, dark colors are a must. it is the city after all.
I wore my knee high boots, leggings, lacy top and my new coach sequin purse. I used this bag all through the holidays and it was perfect.
thanks hubs for the sweet purse.

the view from the golden gate as we drove over from marin. kind of love how funky these shots turned out. I'm thinking of blowing one up onto canvas and framing it for the new house.

one of the first places we made it to was matrix. its one of our favorites and you will always end up seeing someone of note there. its a given. and of course we took a time out for
a bathroom photo shoot.
don't act like you've never done it.

back in the limo having some champagne to celebrate frankie's bday.
these two girls are the sisters I never had. emily, well you've seen her in tons of my posts before. maid of honer/ best friend extraordinaire. this is her little sister, Liz. I have known her since she was in middle school and I treat her like she is my family.
coincidentally, she is the same age as my little brother, mike.
a few years ago, emily and I got it into our heads that if the two of them got married then we would actually be related.
we set them up, and thus occurred the worst blind date in the history of the world. we tagged along, and it was the most awkward thing I've ever seen. bless them both for trying.

I was really feeling this whole multiple necklaces=awesomeness on this trip. thoughts?

after a few more stops we made it to bitter end. this is a great low key place if you want to listen to some good music, shoot some pool and be able to chat with your group of friends.

emily peaking out the top of the limo.

before everyone went back to the hotel, we took the limo up to twin peaks. which is hands down the best view of san francisco. its kind of tricky to get to, but so much fun, and absolutely gorgeous. it was a saturday night and tons of people were out there taking pictures and freezing.
despite the fact that it was three am.

the gang <3

wonderful night.

hope you all have a fantastic day.

and enter the give away from friday!



  1. Oooh! You are just so cute. I love that you mixed a lacy navy top with black leggings and all those necklaces. The styling was perfection miss lady, and like Clare Danes' character in Stardust your platinum hair looks magical with the navy blue.

  2. Love the picture of Golden Gate - you should def blow the one on the left up onto canvas :D

    CC xXx

  3. Such a fun night! The lace on that dress is really beautiful and I agree with Emily, navy is a great color on you!

    I'm so so so glad you had a good day with the hubby and the doggies today! I know you needed it.

  4. i LOVE that picture of the bridge! totally frame it!
    i can't wait to see what you'll do with your new house! congrats!!!


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