sushi. sake. san francisco.

happy monday ladies! and welcome to any lovelies that have made their way over here from the fabulous Amy's blog *waves* hi!
today is unfortunately going to be a quick post, as I am running off to the school for some meetings. blah. it was a pretty uneventful weekend and I am sad to say that my trip back to san francisco was canceled. extreme sad face. I was headed up there to help out my mama and watch the house while she and my dad jetted off to barcelona for ten days. but, my mom ended up getting pneumonia (of all things? really?) a few days ago and is no longer going.
but I can now concentrate on planning my east coast trip and keep that in my sights!
on to the post.
I've lost track of what day of the california trip this was... but enjoy anyways. :)

rocked my little tie dye number to meet up with one of our favorite couple friends to grab some sushi. Logan was able to come home for a few days after the holidays and it was a complete whirlwind attempting to see everyone.

I was feeling the gray/black/tan combo here. yes?

fun fact, is that this is actually my mom's shirt and I totally stole it from her massive closet.
have you even noticed it missing yet? no!

love this sushi place. Ra. gotta try it if you are over in the east bay.

the husband finally makes an appearance.
aside from the leggings+funky shirts+boots kick that I was on this trip, I was also finding some deep love for layering chunky necklaces.

my sweet friend, rachel. she is a total doll. she is a grad student at pepperdine, down in malibu.
seriously, you can see the beach from her window.
jealous? you bet.
anyways, she is studying to be a family therapist. she actually gets to have patients as part of her grad school program. so she is already helping out families.
I have such a deep admiration for the amount of friends that are out in the world making a difference. all of my girls have turned out to be teachers, or doctors, or vets, or therapists, and some are even joining the peace corps. shout out to cassidy, who leaves on a two year adventure next month. cheers to you girl. :)

anyways, hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. did you all watch the big game? do anything out of the ordinary? or super fun? well, share it! and coming up later this week?

my 100th post and give away.

yeah, you want to check back. :)



  1. Gray/black/tan combo? WIN! To me it looks like it's even a bit of a navy you're working with on the bottom of the shirt. love it!

    Oh San Francisco sushi... how I love thee, let me count the ways.

  2. I did find you through wonderful Amy, enjoying your blog! I love the color combo, your poor little mom has some good taste! I hope she is better soon! xoxo Jolie

  3. i love your mom's shirt on you, it looks amazing! i wore tie dye today actually :)
    also, sushi is pretty much half my food pyramid lol, & sake is pretty awesome too


  4. Love the tie dye! Cant wait to visit San Francisco - you always give me great spots to visit :)

  5. Lovely tie dye, looks so pretty there, we are gloomy and cold here!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    OWOH necklace giveaway

  6. Love your top! And you are really making me want sushi mmm yummy. might have to stop by the one near my house for happy hour. hehe :)

    Wanderlusting Fool

  7. Amazing look. I love the gray+black+tan combo - flawless but unexpected. And we are totally getting sushi at my favorite place when you're here in the spring. Although at this rate, spring will never get here. I have a fifth snow day (in a row!) tomorrow and are expecting more snow later this week. *Sigh* So my weekend was uneventful.

    Why the tweet about being frustrated with school? Call/text/tweet/email if you need anything, even if it's just to vent!

  8. happy 100th post! and lovely pix, i love your style!


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