friday flashbacks.

back again! did we all enjoy the house post? I hope so.
I'm pretty sure I will be updating as more progress is made.
Logan thinks that I'm so particular and obsessed with us almost having a house that I'm going to stake out a lawn chair and sip starbucks while monitoring the house building.
so... good idea? bad idea? crazy idea? ha.
no. but I will fersure be checking in and counting down the days.
too soon to start packing?
anyways, as I was working and cleaning out the computer I came across some photos that I never got around to posting circa november.
you know...before I left for the epic, month long excursion to california.
I figured since we were taking a break from the trip posting today anyway, that I would toss them up here. I can see why I didn't originally get around to posting them, as they aren't my favorites.
but, I'm giving them a shot in this post.
nothing too exciting. I remember this was finals week and I was looking/feeling pretty haggard and was not up to accessorizing (notice the lack of the usual bling).
but, I'm posting them in flashback friday, so enjoy... off to november we go.

oh man, I miss this color! time to put all those blacks and grays away and get ready for spring.

ahh, the day I finally gave in and attempted the onesie jumper. never again, my friends. never again.

this one was kind of fun. love that color. and love wacky tights, any day.

oh hey, really-tired-glasses-wearing-finals day-version of megan.
*channeling inner school girl*
I think my subconscious thought it might be helpful to ace those exams if I dressed the part.
and it fersure worked.
oh hey, all A's last semester. lets do it again this time around, shall we?

ok, two long posts today. forgive me. but stay with me because next week is my special 100th post and first give away!



  1. Oooh! So many fun outfits! I see you are one of the inspirations floating around in the back of my mind for tights and short skirts. And you're so cute in glasses! And I love your cage shoes!

  2. These are all great looks, dear. I REALLY love the first red and yellow look. And I totally agree with Emily, you look adorable in your glasses!

  3. So happy to have found your blog, amazing style and wardrobe! Cant wait to see more! xoxo Jolie

  4. Hooray for all the colors! When I saw the yellow, it definitely made me smile.

  5. Love ALL of these outfits!! So fab! I love all of your different color tights!

  6. Loving the schoolgirl megan look, also the yellow wedges are fab and I heart those mint green tights!!

    i love that you wear so many colours - your such an inspiration!!


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