la vie boheme

another boho outfit coming your way. wink. while I really wear a variety of styles, I have to say that this is one of my favorites. Its like a new updated version of what my favorite 70's rock ladies would wear. fun sequin beret? check. flowy vest? check. rock tee? check. ripped up tights? check and check.

some of you ladies have asked what I wear on my days that are like my "off days" and something like this is it! just very simple and comfy, but still fun and funky. like me.

I'm wearing all of my signature necklaces. Italy represent. Ireland represent. England represent. my husband calls these my "its a small world after all" necklace collection. that man thinks he is hilarious. but I guess I can see where he is coming from. each necklace is from a different country that I adore. that's how I roll. :)

so my in-laws arrived last night and I am in full holiday mode! Christen, you would be proud because yesterday there was Christmas music blasting throughout the house while I put up the Christmas decorations! I have one more presentation to get through this morning and then its thanksgiving time. and the best part about it? BLACK FRIDAY. oh the shopping deals. My mama in law and my sister in law have made it a family tradition that we all get up super early and check out all the crazy shopping on Friday morning. wish us luck!



  1. I love your vest! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh man, did you see, the Budget Fashionista has published posts of tons of IRL and online Black Friday events, and the one I'm most excited about is cashmere sweaters and jeans at Martin + Osa online for $59 each. Dude. There stuff is soooo nice.

    You're so cute in your Bomemia, representing all your awesome countries.

  3. Have a great time at the sales, I'm loving your "It's a small world" selection :D

  4. I love love love this outfit! So much going on, so interesting, it's awesome.
    I also really really love xmas, holiday music, and decorating too!

  5. Love the color of the skirt. Love the layered necklaces. Love the sequined hat. Love the patterned tights. What don't I love about this outfit?! And I have a shout-out on your blog!! Yay! I am proud that Christmas music was playing. Tomorrow officially starts the Christmas season for me and you have no idea how excited I am. I just can't wait - it's such a happy time of year.
    Random question. How do you get your beret to stay without falling off? If I set mine that far back it falls off immediately. Maybe I just have a weird shaped head. That is actually a strong possibility. But if you have a secret, do share!


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