material girl

Hey all! I'm back from the most lovely weekend. I really can't say enough about how wonderful it was to go home. I will certainly have some pictures and stories up later this week. :) For now I am diving into a few days of work and school before Thanksgiving. M,y in-laws will be here tomorrow, so there is tons to do on my part. This will be my first Thanksgiving ever spent away from my family so it will be an interesting week. I hope the weekend treated you all fabulously as always and for all my American girls, only a few days to get through this week. smile! :)

and now a quick note about the outfit. Worn last week, and I am totally channeling my 80's material girl here. This funky blazer was found at a thift shop for only 3 dollars! Originally it was part of a wedding dress! How funny is that? Well I loved the big, funky shoulders right away. Though my hubby looked at me like I was crazy. Who care? I love the look.

on an ending note, raise your hand if your a nerd and saw new moon this weekend? *raises both hands, jumps, and does a cartwheel* YES, that was part of the reason I flew home. My girls and I all read the books together back in college, and made a tradition starting last year of making shirts and going to the midnight premiere. Who doesn't love screaming along embarrassingly with gaggles of 12 year old girls who should be home in bed? sign me up, I say. Anyways, I loved it. Team Edward...sigh. Happy Tuesday!



  1. Megan, this outfit is awesome!!! That blazer is so wonderful (and it looks great on you) and $3- amazing!!

    So glad you had a great wkend home. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


  2. You are just so adorable. The necklace layered over the white bow top is particularly perfect. And those shoes... those shoes! So lovely!

    I'm super glad you had a great trip. Screaming like a schoolgirl is tons of fun, no doubt.

  3. I'm just gonna come raid your closet one of these days... are you ever not a rockstar?

  4. The jacket is gorgeous beyond words - i need it ;) Looking fabulous as ever :)


  5. love all the lace and the colors look great and sleek on you! What a great outfit girl!!

  6. that jacket is amazing! the lace sleeves are gorgeous!
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    i'm selling a variety of vintage clothes.
    Follow me if you like! your blog is awesome!

  7. First and foremost, I love those shoes. Like seriously, they are beyond amazing. I might need them. Actually, I definitely need them.
    Secondly, I hope you have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving tomorrow even though you won't be home. I am glad that you at least got to go home this past weekend. I know you needed (and deserved!) it. I really can't wait to see the pictures!
    Happy Thanksgiving, girl!

  8. this is another favorite of mine! amazing outfit! and omg that jacket is a m a z i n g


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