Safari Showdown

I am a posting FIEND today! its nonsense! But I am stuck in class all day (finally signed up for some fun classes.... Italian.... check.... Italian art history... check... 18th century Poets... check) and I have all of these beautiful pictures of outfits from last week and this week and I figure I may as well post them! right?

Sorry if its an overload! Especially with all the animal print. As I said before I guess I am just feeling unusually sassy. The power of new hair will do that to you. I also think that I am starting to get more comfortable here in Arizona, so I am starting to wear all of my "outside the box" things that are completely "inside the box" back home in San Francisco.

But I digress.... as far as the outfit, both the hat and the vest are thrifted. That rockin vest was 4 bucks! no joke! and the hat was a little bit pricier, but I am so in love! are you? I can picture wearing this all through the fall,and I am wishing that it was around this summer. So many cute swimsuit cover ups that it could have gone with.... sigh

well it will have to be broken out again next summer.

and of course as always, I have the ray bans on. I don't care if they are on their way out... I heart them. They are the style that work best for me, for my face, and I think you should always work with what works for you. Other wise how can you ever define your own style?

So ok ladies, its a sound off.... of all the crazy leopard I've been working with this week, what is your favorite look and why? I ADORE feedback more than you know! It seriously keeps my world spinning and helps me to not feel like a crazy lady that take pictures of what she wears everyday (you fellow fashionista bloggers know what I mean). Thanks for all the love, and let me know which safari ensemble should win the battle royal.

again happy wednesday! xoxo


  1. This one might be my favorite - although it's SO hard to choose. I just love the leopard-fringe combination here.

    And that hat is awesome. I still haven't found a fedora that works well on me. And I wholeheartedly agree about the sunglasses thing. I just can't pull of rounded sunglasses. Although I have been considering going out and buying like ten different pairs now that I take daily pictures of my outfits. They are more accessory than functional now.

    And we might be crazy for taking pictures of our outfits every day, but we are FAR from being the only crazy people out there :)

  2. I really love this look! Great!


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