I'll be your Punk Rock Princess

Geeeeeez can you tell that I am feeling pretty sassy with this new haircut?! I love how it looks and it is giving me tons of new styling options as far as how to wear it with different outfits. It literally takes half the time of the long hair, so grateful for an extra 20 min of sleep in the AM. I know you can all agree on that one :)

Anyways, told you that there was more leopard on the way! and with red lipstick, patent leather leggings, and rock star heels to boot! I love this outfit.... its just one of those that you put on and you feel invincible and pretty sexy.

Fierce would be the word I was searching for.

This dress was thrifted from Twice as Nice and I believe was originally meant to be a nightgown or lingerie of some type. But throw a black slip underneath and add a vest with some tights and it works for me. I love taking something unconventional and turning it into an everyday outfit.

And of course no rock star look would be complete without my "madonna-esque" black rosary with crystals. Its like the icing on this girl's cake. happy Wednesday all!


1 comment:

  1. Seriously? So fierce. And once again, I'm jealous. You are TOTALLY rocking this look. And Leopard, leather, a rosary, boots, and insanely awesome jewelry. Can I be you? :)



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