Hoe down throw down

Did she just quote a Miley Cyrus song?? YES I do believe I did. While usually I tend to be a little bit of a music snob.... I really do think that her songs are super cute and fun. Carina, as we would say in Italiano! I'm about to run into Italian class so I am getting in the mind set!

Any who, I felt that this was a perfect on spot title for my outfit today. Running around, picking up some classes, and who knows what else. But I've got my favorite boots on, and I'm comfy and ready for anything.

I also noticed that I've been rockin this vest alot as of late... must be because of my ridiculous penchant for all clothing items that are black :)
So keep an eye out because you will be seeing this vest again in an upcoming post. When I originally got dressed this morning I didn't have it on, but as I was leaving I needed something to pull the outfit together.... and viola! No crazy fun jewelry today, just my basic threads.

Stay tuned for some reeeeeally exciting posts tomorrow! or maybe later tonight if I get around to it!

Ciao ciao belli amici!!



  1. Okay... this is going to be a long one.

    1. If those are your basic threads, I'm jealous. Because your jewelry is so crazy cool. Seriously, I want every piece.

    2. I have pieces almost exactly like the ones you are wearing and fully intend on copying you in the near future. (But I will obviously give you credit!)

    3. You like Miley Cyrus? We must be long list sisters... I have no idea why but I love her songs! And think she is just super cute.

    4. You speak Italian. 'Nuff said.

  2. ooh i'm really digging the big watch

  3. ruffles + a vest is my go to combination! love, love the outfit.


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