Polka Dot Delight

Apparently I was feeling very all-American over the weekend and sported my colors! Red, white and blue have a very summery feel to them. Summer in the Hamptons anyone? Since we are still enjoying 90 degree days here in Arizona, it seemed appropriate. The bracelet consists of these great blue pearls that were once my great nana's necklace. I reworked them into this great bracelet with gold, and with an antique looking clasp. She had loads of style and I think she would adore the new life it has now :)

Also, who noticed and is loving the new, short hair?? Cut almost 3 inches off! next comes the color, need to add more blond in there. The word on the street is that blonde's do have more fun xoxo


  1. This color combo is phenom! The pale blue and the bright red and perfection!!!

  2. So retro - I LOVE it! I second E, that belt is freaking awesome. Where did you get it?!

    And I love the new haircut - it looks so good on you!

    And blondes do have more fun :)


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