its me, gossip girl.

We are switching up the look today :). Been posting some date outfits, and now here is a running around town outfit. Can you tell that I pretty much always wear these boots. I own them in this tan color and in black and I sort of just alternate between the two. They are comfy, and stylish, and give me a little bit of height (which I need at just over five feet). Do you ever have pieces like that, that you just wear over and over again? I'm hoping that I don't get sick of them!

On to the fun outfit.... the hubby and I had to run some errands on Sunday that had us swinging by target. I love me some target. Seriously, you can get everything there. When I discovered target with my friends our freshman year of college I was hooked. Cute room decor? DVD's and books? Food? AND cute clothes and purses? ummm, yes, sign me up. stat.

Now I know that Target's designer of the moment is obviously Anna Sui with her Gossip Girl collection. ahh I die. But I figured that we would not have any of the collection at the small target in Arizona. I was wrong! I found this cute little dress, that I am assuming is supposed to be channeling Vanessa. I tried on some of the Blair-esque dresses and they didn't fit me right. I was beyond sad, but this dress made up for it.

found the yellow vest in the sale section for only 4 dollars and was happy to find the colors matched perfectly. I am really in love with vests this season, of any kind. Do these colors kind of remind you of Thanksgiving colors? Because thats what I kept thinking. All warm and cute. lol. anyways through on my gray purse from zara and some of my key necklaces (love key necklaces and am currently pining for one from Tiffany)!

Rocked one of my juicy bracelets and my dangley earrings. Yes, those are dolphins on the end of my earrings. I picked them up a few years ago in Huntington Beach from a street fair. So pretty.

Ok we are half way through the week! good thing, because I am exhausted. Hope you all are having wonderful days. :)



  1. Ooh! The dress looks awesome on you. You're lucky to be only 5'. I'm 5'7" and the waists in this collection are all empire on me. Maybe that's what the designer intended, but seriously, my ribs are not as small as my actual waist.

  2. I love the Gossip Girl fashion from Anna Sui. I actually wanted a few Balir looks, but my size was all gone! I lvoe the dress on you. it looks great!! I love it! xx

  3. LOVE the outfit! I too have brown boots that I wear all the time but I can't help it because I love them!

  4. that dress looks amazing on you!! i'm totally in love with those kinds of sleeves...too cute ^.^

  5. Yeah! I was born and raised in Fresno, graduated from San Joaquin Memorial HS in 1997, and earned my BA from Fresno State in 2000. That same year I moved to San Francisco, and called the City by the Bay home until 2005. All my co-workers call me the Cali-girl. Among other things, heh. Now I live in Lawrence, KS, and work as well as attend graduate school at the University of Kansas. I hear you have lived all over the world!

  6. Adorable dress, I don't watch Gossip Girl so I don't know any of the characters but the dress looks great on you!

  7. LOVE your dress! Such a great pick. I've always been a fan of Vanessa's style.

  8. i think i have found my style match.

    one word for your outfits while browsing for old post, etc....ADDICTED.

    this was the only dress i considered purchasing from the Anna Sui collection. You make it look, HOT! Love, love, love..everything about it.

    Def. will be checking you out more. :) so glad i found your blog!

    xo ash

  9. your jewelry is insanity, in the best way :)


  10. I am going to second Liya on this one. I love the whole look but your jewelry is bangin'. Especially after seeing your closet pics on FB, I am totally raiding your jewelry stash when I come visit. At least for a few days, I will look as fabulous as you!

  11. That is SO cool! And I'm obsessed with Gossip GIrl to boot! Do you think they have this line of clothing online or just in stores? I'm not sure I've seen it in the actual store. lovelovelove and I want to know more! <3


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