murder at the juice joint!

Ok, well not really... but its a fun title! Actually got the inspiration for the blog title and the outfit when I was going through some old pictures to put up in the apartment. My hubby's birthday falls only two days before Halloween, so we always have a HUGE bday/halloween/costume party. We go completely over the top for the celebration. We always have a theme and the entire house would be decked out head to toe in said theme.

A few years ago I decided to surprise him and do a murder mystery party. It took crazy amounts of work.... everyone had to have a character, learn their part, know who the other characters were and their relation to them. But all the work really paid of in the end because it was a blast! It was called "murder at the juice joint" and we made the entire house into this underground speak easy. Every one dressed to the nines and the 1920's juice joint was hopping with flappers, and mobsters, and cigarette girls, oh my! here we are... circa 2005 don't judge :)

But as far as THIS outfit.... when I was looking through pictures I was fixated on my flapper headband. The whole "headband over the hair" look is really in for this fall, as opposed to using headbands to hold our hair back (what they were meant to do)! When will we fashionistas ever learn to be practical? Well, I remembered that I had one of these such headbands and I decided to make a run to Michael's (DIY heaven) and add this funky flower to give it more detail.

The dress was thrifted, and I actually found it in the 80's section of the thrift store. But I figured, pair it with some sparkly fish nets, and a gold fringe necklace, and of course the "flapper-esq" headband and I could get away with a little 1920's feel. I love how the subtle hints of gold are carried throughout the entire ensemble, really tying it together. I added these really fun Betsey John shoes because they had the same flecks of gold as the dress and the tights. Plus those little "fru fru" bows on the top are such fun (secret confession, I love these shoes so much I own them in white as well)! Don't tell the hubby, I don't think he has noticed yet... thanks Betsey!

hope everyone is having a beyond fabulous Monday! always the toughest day of the week! and thanks for all of your lovely comments...you fellow fashion bloggers are the best ladies!! I love seeing your daily posts, you are constantly inspiring me! xoxo


  1. hii!

    thank you for your sweet comment!
    I love it when people post their link, that means more cool blogs to check out:D

    Very cute outfit!!



  2. so cute!!!!! i love your blog glad i stumbled upon it ^.^

    keep up the good work


  3. Hi!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today! I love your blog so much!! Your style is adorable!

    I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can keep up on your fabulous outfits. =)


    P.S. I love that you create a murder mystery party for your husband... that must have been amazing!

  4. great 20's outfit. I did the same thing for my birthday last year! You look fab!!! I love the hair!!

  5. you look as cool as lady gaga ;)

  6. You are a genius - the party, the headband, the shoes in both colors - genius! Love the flapper look! And that party sounds like loads of fun :)

  7. found you from christen's blog - glad I stopped by :D

    love your style! definitely following :D


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