back to school cool

Who do you have for 5th period? Can we meet at the stacks before lunch? Walk me to English? You going to the Friday night football game? Who left a note in your locker?!

ahhhh this outfit has been dreaming of high school days. Since I went to Catholic school, we totally rocked the plaid skirts, tights, and super cute mary jane shoe combo. While some girls let it get boring, my friends and I always found a way to spice it up with fun tights, purses, and accessories :). We owned those cardigan-covered hallways, don't you know it :)

Guess things haven't changed in the fact that I still love a great plaid outfit. Especially one with such fun colors like this one. When I saw the dress in forever, I knew it had to be mine.

dear adorably plaid dress,

will you please come home and reside in my closet? I promise I will make lots of lovely outfits with you.


the discerning fashionista

and obviously the dress was like "of course I will come hang out (literally) in your closet and kick it with all of your other fun ensembles!"

sooooooo anyways, upon my return home I began sifting through my tights drawer. There were so many neat colors of tights on the runways last week for fashion week that I have been really inspired to pull mine out. There are some girls that can really work the whole "jeans and t-shirts look", but I've just never been that girl unfortunately.... so its tights for me all the way. I seriously have 2 entire drawers of just tights and leggings...sigh. Thinking about it, I do believe I have only 3 or 4 pairs of jeans, that are NEVER touched.

Anyways, as soon as I saw my bright orange tights from last halloween I knew it would be color-combo love with my new, little plaid dress. Add in some bright green shoes with tiny bows and wow. I didn't work any accessories with this outfit since the colors were enough as is.

ok, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! looking forward to a lovely week...



  1. Great outfit, I love the color combo! I'm a teacher and I can tell you from first hand experience you are way better dressed than all the students.

  2. Really love how you used the colors in the plaid to finish the look. And although I love my jeans, I'm a fan of tights too. It's just an easy way to punch up an outfit! You look amazing, as always!

  3. Very nice! i LOVE the orange tights and all of the bold colours - gorgeous :)

  4. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I absolutely adore this look! I am growning more and more jealous of your closet with each outfit post!!! You are adorable and your style is incredible!!! LOVE IT!

  5. Ah! Gossip Girl on steroids! LOVE!You are adorable. I just became your lucky 13th follower. ;)

  6. GG on steroids! so genius! I hadn't even thought of that.... I do feel a little like I'm channeling Blair Waldorf here... lol I wish, she is phenomenal! anyways, yay for lucky number 13! love it! keep up those posts with your great outfits and gorgeous pics SF stylephile! xoxo

  7. Oh my god... where did you get that dress??? I love it, love it, love it!! You are way too cute! :)

  8. WOW, what an amazing outfit! I love your use of colour!

    Hi, from Denmark!

  9. O my gosh, I have totally tried this dress on! On me it wasn't so cute, however on you . . . it looks AMAZING!! I'm so jealous it didn't look that good on me because I think the dress is amazing


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