today is my lucky day...

It truly is! The beautiful, talented, hilarious, and incredibly stylish Christen of la Rue Neuve has featured me on her blog! I'm sure you all know of her and her fabulous-ness, but if you don't.... please do yourself a favor and hop on over there right now! Not only does she have a fantastic sense of fashion, and killer outfits, but she is the sweetest girl. And I can't wait to visit her in D.C. some time soon for an endless weekend of shopping, museums, theater, pasta, and vino!

I adore you girl and thanks again :)


and if you've managed to wander over here from Christen's blog... WELCOME! I'm so glad your here! Have a look around and leave some comment love. Be sure to leave your blog if you have one! I love connecting with other bloggers and checking out their unique style and ideas on their own blogs.





  1. Hi, I totally found your blog from Christen's blog...and I have to say, you really ARE very stylish and very colorful. I love all your outfits and most of all, I would steal your blue belt with the boat anchor in a second. haha
    I live in Seattle, WA and that's the most awesome bit of accessory around here.

    Lovely blog!

    -Irene of http://lillaemerletto.blogspot.com/

  2. Christen's blog is the awesome-sauce.

    As for me, I live in Lawrence, KS, and I don't actually blog my outfits. More I blog just general stuff. I love the creativity and variety shown in Christen's blog and several others. And now yours!

  3. I love Christen's feature on you and your blog! It was so sweet!

    I love Christen's blog too... she always has the greatest style (just like you) and leaves the sweetest comments (just like you).

    I hope you have a fabulous time in DC when you get to go visit her. You girls are so cute!


  4. I saw it! Love the interview. Congrats girlie!!

  5. I'm a fan of Cristen's blog and just want to say you have great style!

  6. I read the feature! Enjoyed it very much :) You ARE quite the fashionista! Love how you put together vibrant colors and prints :)


  7. I've wandered her from her blog! & I love love love yours! Will be following for sure!


  8. I just read Christen's post about your blog and am glad to have found yours. I am excited to start reading it. Love your outfits!


  9. Im really happy to have found your blog :) You're now added to my DAILY-list. I've never been here before, but I am glad Christen posted. Your outfits are amazing and you are really on of those few with STYLE! You just glow. haha, i got a little excited now, but yes love it!

  10. Aw yay! I'm so glad some of my readers hopped on over here :) Thanks for the sweet compliments!

    And I can't wait until you come to DC - your descriptions sounds SO perfect!


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