somewhere over the rainbow

Good morning ladies! This is going to be a quick one as I run out the door...

I have to say, very quickly, that I'm delighted by all of the new faces that I see commenting this past week! I haven't had time to sit down and check out everyone's blogs yet, but I'm excited to get a look at them and start leaving you some comments as well. I have a feeling this is the start to some amazing blog friendships! This weekend I will definitely be taking some time to check out all of your lovely blogs.... can't wait to be inspired and perhaps jealous of some wonderful outfits. :)

now on to the outfit!

Ok, so I feel as if I've stepped right into the rainbow in this outfit. Hello every color in the world! This ensemble makes me feel incredibly upbeat and happy. Its sheer all the way through, so I threw on a long black tank with some black leggings for the backdrop. Its the best because it makes all the colors pop. I was surfing on ebay the other day, when I should have been working (obviously I have a shopping problem) and came across this vibrant tunic and I feel in love with all of the intense hues.
The most difficult part for me was trying to decide what color to pull out of it for accessories!

I could have gone so many ways, but since I am loving all of the yellow out there right now, I opted for some yellow patent heels. Be sure to check back the rest of the week for more pops of yellow ( tights and vests, and headbands, oh my)!

Well girls, hope you all are having a fabulous Thursday... and smile because tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend!



  1. What a colorful, beautiful outfit!
    Looks great on you:D


  2. I have the same exact problem! LOL

    You look amazing!! I love that you went with he yellow... it really let's the tunic standout, but still adds a nice array of color from head to toe. Beautiful!


  3. This is so Diana Ross...that's a compliment! Loves it!

  4. how great is this, bright sunshine, bright print and bright smile .... those photos makes me missing summer already!!! xoxo

  5. Alright, I know I say this a lot... but your outfits just keep getting better. This is my favorite. Hands down. It's so beautiful... It's official. I'm jealous. :)

    You look stunning, as always!

  6. P.S. I've decided you have to come visit me when the weather is nice so that I can borrow that tunic. :)

  7. i adooooore the bright splashes of colour
    you rock it


  8. You look great! I love the bright colors, I feel happy just looking at you!

  9. love that outfit! i really like the colors :)

    been looking for a bright top like that myself, actually. great find!

  10. this looks great, you can really pull it off!

  11. Wow, that top is amazing! And thanks for the comment back on my blog and for being a follower on my blog. I love that we found each others blogs too :)

    Have a great weekend!
    /Jeanett :)

  12. that tunic is gorgeous!!! thanks for the blog love =)



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