peace. love. tie dye. <3

another quick post. Sorry for all the quick posting this week. I've been ridiculously busy, but have these cute outfits I want to get up. :) thanks for bearing with me.

So I picked up this gorgeous maxi on a trip in June to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Such a cute town with all of these wonderful little shops, and fantastic Mexican food. YUM! I found this stand out tie dye number in a store that had all handmade garments! The top fits a little funny, but the colors are so pretty that I died for it anyways. ha, get it? I died for tie dye. Silly

here is a little close up of the gold sequined cover and the bright earrings from BEBE. raise your hand if you are loving sequins during the day! (raises hand high)
The gold bag was purchased years ago from Target, believe it or not. And its huge, there fore I love it. the bigger the better is how I enjoy my bags.

The thrifted owl necklace from buffalo exchange is back for this one. How cute is he?

Hope everyone is having a fun filled weekend!



  1. there is not enough tie dye in this world, i tell you

    cute outfit:)


  2. What a great look. I love that necklace. I almost picked one up awhile ago at F21 but put it down last minute. Totally regretting that now!

    By the way, I am going as a tight-rope walker (found the best sequined leggings at H&M), paired with a tutu, sequined top from F21, an umbrella and either a top hat or swimmers cap. My husband will be the ringmaster, of course! Can't wait to post some pics!


  3. i like all pics .. and your outfit ;))


  4. thi is the nicest comment ive read! :D ...and from a person that is my blog icon... that just made my day... when i saw your "flirting with flannel" post i tought i saw my mum :D

  5. Absolutely love this look, girl. Such fun colors - and pink is my favorite! The owl? I die. No words.

  6. I just want you to know that both of my hands were in the air when you ask who loves sequins in the daytime. Sequins are totally my unhealthy obsession!
    Love your bright outfit. It makes me sad that summer is ending...

  7. So cute. You look summery and beautiful! I love the maxi dress!


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