Hoe Down Throw Down Remix

Happy Sunday ladies! Hope you are all doing wonderfully lazy things. Thats what Sundays are for after all, am I right? :) Anyways, I'm heading out to run some errands with the hubby.... who FINALLY has a day off. Yay for quality time.

This is what I will be running around in today. Its a little bit of a remix of this outfit, Hoe Down Throw Down , from a few weeks ago. But these denim shorts, vest, and boots are my go-to "comfortable but cute" outfit. These little cut-offs used to be "boyfriend" jeans, but last spring I chopped them, and have been in love ever since.

I added the earrings that I wore in this outfit a few days ago, somewhere over the rainbow , and I love how they clash (in a good way) with the rest of the casual outfit. They have these pretty little gold coins and medallions on them that are so funky. I got them a few years ago on a trip to Costa Rica with my hubby's family. The shirt underneath is of course from forever21 and it actually has no back to it! But you can't tell because the vest covers it up, and makes it day time appropriate!

Well check back tomorrow because I am posting an outfit that is one of my FAVORITES, yellow tights and all!



  1. You are so adorable!! I love this outfit... you look fantastic and I can't believe this is your Sunday outfit. I wish I could look that good on a Sunday running errands. Can't wait to check back in tomorrow!!

    Glad to hear you and your hubby get to spend some quality time together. I love quality time! :)


  2. ur so bright and colorful..i love it..

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  3. Ok, ma'am. You just cannot get cuter - I'm not going to allow it. Because my Sunday outfit was one of David's old t-shirts, skinnies and a denim jacket. Second-day hair and no makeup completed the look.

    And I would have never guessed that that shirt is backless! Hopefully we'll see it without the vest too in the future :) Will obviously be back tomorrow to witness what I am positive are spectacular tights and a fabulous outfit!

  4. You look so bright and colorful! I love it. You are a nice helping of sunshine!! xoxo

  5. Cute blog and great outfit! I love the colors of that shirt. You are so pretty! Also, terrific job with the DIY shorts.

  6. I love all of your outfits, so bright & colourful!!

    Thanks for following my blog too, I really appreciate it! :)


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