Desert Flower

still super hot here in the southwest so wearing layers is not an option. I like to wear pieces with lots of color since I can't layer different colors together right now. I've just been in a dress wearing mood to end the summer out. Headed out for lunch with the hubby on a sat afternoon.


  1. This is a gorgeous dress - looks great with the yellow accessories - The more colour the better! :)

  2. I HEART your style, I HEART your blog! Just added you to my blogroll...hope you don't mind. Can't wait to check out your future wear! Fantabulous!!!!!

  3. thanks so so SO much!! Your both so sweet and its nice to see that someone reads this besides me! anyways, I LOVE color, totally agree... the more the better :)why live life in black and white. Though a great black and white chanel style outfit isn't out of the question either :) thanks for checking back in! Its nice to make some friends on here!!



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