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Happy thursday...man this week is flying by. who is pumped for halloween?! everyone have their costumes in order? I had so many great ones for this year, and luckily one of my friends is going to save the day and fly down for two nights since the hubby is working! so, it looks like you will get to see 2 of my original 4 costumes. and I will give you a hint about one of them.... if you watched GG this past week, lets just say that they were reading my mind. :)

here we have another vegas outfit. this one had to be a little more classy since it was for my mom's actual birthday dinner. we went to onga at the mirage for some de-lish Italian food. we are pasta girls at heart, what can I say? so obviously when I think classy, I think, black an white, with some gorgeous pearls and a pop of red thrown in the mix.

the dress is from Macy's, all the pearls are family heirlooms from my grandmother (fashionistas run in the fam!), and this adorable, retro hand purse is from good will. what?! no srsly. it was 2 dollars! I was so excited. I love it, though it was difficult to fit all of my stuff in it. boo.

my cute black, ruffle peep toes. this red I am rockin is my fav. its an OPI shade that took me years to find. I believe I may have gone through about 100 different reds before finding this one some time ago. Its called "vodka and caviar". ahh it even has a rockin name. I bought about 10 bottles of it because I'm not sure if they make it anymore! yikes, must use sparingly.

after dinner we all went to see the cirque du soleil show "The Beatles LOVE". I am a HUGE Beatles fanatic, and we actually saw this show for my 21st birthday when it first came out. it is absolutely AMAZING. if you are in vegas and have the opportunity I recommend it above all the other shows.

so, anyone gone to any great halloween events yet?

happy almost friday!



  1. I love hearing all about your trip! The one thing I wish I did when I was in Vegas for see more shows- next time I go I am going to have to make a point to put this one on my list.

    Oh and your Mom looks adorable with her feather boa; and I am in completely awe of your shoes (the ruffles are so cute)! :)



  2. aww i love the lipstick and bag the most i think! so cute! the only thing for haloween i did so far was have a treehouse of horrors simpsons marathon with a few friends LOL i'm going to a haunted house tommorow and party and then saturday a masquerade dance i think if it's still on...=)

  3. Love this look. Classy with a capital K. The bag is a great little thrifty find and I like the family pearls.

  4. i rly like your shoes.
    hmm maybe id loose the red. you wear too much make up. it makes you older and hides your pretty face. loose the make up!

  5. I love the pops of red that you have thrown in, and I think you wear the red lipstick very well. You always look so well put together. I especially like the pearls on your wrist, so creative!

  6. Oh my God.... those shoes are to die for... the whole outfit is fantastic, of course, but those shoes... sigh... beautiful!
    Glad to hear you had such a great time! :) And I have no idea who and why would anyone send you anything mean at all, but don't pay attention to them- they are most likely just jealous of your incredible style, and an even more beautiful personality!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!! :)


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