Halloween Eve

In the essence of working backwards, I give you Thursday nights excursion. not too many photos, but you know how I love sequins so I had to throw this one up for the afternoon.

I found this skirt at Charlotte Russe the other day and fell in L-O-V-E with it. it has this crazy 60' mod girl vibe to it. I paired it with my retro thrifted tights, over the knee boots, and basic black tux jacket. a simple little going out ensemble, but didn't want to be too over the top, since Halloween was right around the corner.

and can I just say, you ladies have not disappointed with the costumes! I have been auh-mazed at some of the creative ideas that you have posted in the past few days. you all just looked positively tremendous. but I shouldn't have expected anything less, I suppose. :)

happy middle of the week!



  1. Oh wow...love love love! such a cool outfit!.... and Charlotte Russe used to be my favorite store when I was in college in Vegas...that skirt doesn't disappoint at all :)

    ps:I hope you're wearing sequins 24/7 because they just look absolutely terrific on you. :)

  2. I love the sequins on you! Is there anything you can't pull off?

    Happy mid-week to you too!

    p.s. I made those veggies the way you suggested . . . AMAZING!!

  3. That is a BAD ASS skirt!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE it!

  4. Looooooooove it! It reminds me a lot of the Alice + Olivia top I have. Same idea. But you rocked your skirt way better than I rocked my top. I need to get more creative with it. So where did you guys and go and what did you do? What is a night out in Tucson like?

    P.S. Super excited about your trip this spring!!!

  5. great skirt...
    You look like you had a CRAZY weekend!!! there is no such thing as too much fun, right?

  6. sooooo fun you look smashing darling!

  7. LOVE the skirt :) you are always creative in the way you dress!

  8. Very cute this skirt!!!!



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