who is afraid of the big, bad wolf?

Happy post-halloween ladies! did everyone have an AMAZING TIME? I hope so! so, I am starting backwards with my posts this week. I was just too excited to get these up! I bring you photos from saturday night. :)

if you haven't guessed, I was little red riding hood. which is funny because you will see in the below photos, that my hubby was the big, bad wolf. and our last name is wolf. get it? we like to try to be witty and ironic sometimes. :)

anyways, I absolutely can't stand to do store bought costumes (you know, those ones out of a bag?) so I always try to put together my costume, my own way. I wanted to do lil red with an edge to make it more fun. I decided to go for a darker, gothic fairy tale type of little red riding hood, while still being flirty and not making my costume too difficult to figure out.

it was pretty easy to throw together. tights were already in the closet. as were the shoes. I grabbed some fabric from the store to make this easy cape. so all I really needed was the corset and tiny skirt!

pig tails, obviously.

so the hubby surprised me and was actually able to make it out for the last hour of the night. we are trying not to look completely haggard here, as these pictures were taken circa 1-2 AM. but it was such a fun night. isn't he the best wolf ever? so funny.

this is my bestie, ems. she flew all the way from california so that I wouldn't have to be alone on my favorite holiday. you have seen her on here before. we meet our freshman year of college and have been pretty inseparable ever since. my hubby and I joke that she is our adopted child. ha.

well I hope everyone just had a fantastic time this weekend. and stay tuned for another halloween post tomorrow! in fact, this whole week will be halloween recap central. cheers. :)




  1. love the costume!!


  2. Wow, amazing costume! I wish we celebrated Halloween here in DK. It looks so fun! Can't wait to our "halloween" which is in february. I wanna dress up NOW!


  3. OMG! I love your costume, Megan! You look absolutely adorable and your husband is great as the Big Bad Wolf!! Too cute!!

    Oh and I completely know what you mean... I hate store made costumes too. I much rather spend the money on something 1. I can wear again and 2. isn't plastic or a cheap material. LOL You did a great job with this one and I love that corset. :)

    Glad to hear you had a great weekend and your husband got to make it out! Love surprises like that. :)



  4. This is a great costume! They're so much better when they are put together with odds and ends rather than pulled out of a bag! I love the irony, too! Big fan!

  5. great costume!! You two are so cute and look perfect! I lvoe the hot red on you!!

  6. He he he! That is SO ADORABLE! My hubby and I went to a party in a couple costume as well. Here's a URL to a post with pics:

  7. Oh wow, I have never seen anyone who could pull of bright red tights like you do!!! You look fantastic and this color is absolutely gorgeous on you!!! can't wait to see the rest of the halloween pics :))

  8. Halloween is so fun, and you fully embrassed it! I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. :)


  9. Aww you like great - love it - am so glad the big bad wolf was able to join you :D

    CC xXx

  10. You look great as usual! What a good costume idea, and you could totally wear all that stuff again.

  11. I missed you!!! And it's sooooo good to be back. And my dear you never disappoint. Even as a fairy tale character you somehow still look very "Megan." And by that I mean glamorous, vibrant and sexy. Best costume ever. I'm so glad you bestie was able to make it out there and your man even made it out! I know you were really upset about not being able to celebrate your favorite holiday!

    Love love love the red on you. I have a hard time pulling it off but you do it effortlessly. Email me and catch me up on life whenever you get a chance. XOXO

  12. Haha, the pics of you and hubby wolf are too funny! You make a hot little red riding hood!
    I know what you mean about pre-packaged costumes... I'd just hate to go out and see some chick wearing my exact costume. Also because of the budget thing (ugh), I just shopped my closet for Halloween this year.

  13. i LOVE your costume so much! it's gorgeous and so classy! really, just the most perfect little red i've ever seen <3
    i'm late with my halloween post too lol, i think a lot of people are...i had a great one though!!!!!!

  14. PS. Looking back on this post I just realized how much you remind me of Christina Aguilera. (huge compliment!) She is beautiful and glamorous.

  15. the costume sooo cute ~~ you and your hubby look sooo sweet :) cute couple ^^


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