black, white, and maroon.

Happy day before Christmas Eve everyone! I finished up all of my shopping yesterday, and oh boy was it nuts. I have come to the conclusion that people do indeed, lose their minds this time of year. I just about had to knock some lady out who was trying to steal the twilight scene it game from my cart. are you kidding me? get your own lady! my niece and I have plans to enjoy that present for a few hours Christmas day. as if, crazy target lady. I was super excited to find the very last Rodarte dress at target! The very same one that was featured in the great buys section on the december vogue. score. The only draw back is that it was a size large, so this is going to mean some serious altering, but it was worth it. :) Anyways, still leaving you with some shots from back in Tucson. Hopefully, we will be caught up this week, and next week I can start posting some San Francisco pictures. hope you all have that shopping done and are busy spending time with your wonderful friends and family. I know I am. cheers all :) xoxo


  1. Whoa! Evil shoppers! I totally agree, people definitely go crazy round this time of year.

    Also, adore those shoes!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love those shoes!!! :) So fabulous as always!!

  3. This is so cute! That jacket is fabulous!

  4. Way to tell target Lady who's the boss...
    This outfit is cute, you look like a sexy detective!

  5. How very New York, urban chic of you! Love this outfit and I have a jacket almost exactly like that except reversed. You look fabulous!


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