the times they are a changin.

I had to title this little number with a Bob Dylan song, as I am feeling very Dylan-eque with the hat, the glasses, the scarf, etc. anyone with me here? well anyways, what is this awesome mish-mash of clothing that I am rocking today? well, today I have right around one thousand finals. ok, possible exaggeration. more like three finals, but I will be running around like crazy trying to get everything done. on top of the finals, I still have work that needs to be done, emailed, and faxed. yikes. its one of those busy bee days. I've been up since 4ish and I cannot wait to collapse into bed at the end of this day. anyone care to wager how many cups of coffee I will partake of by the time this day is out? well, for a day like today I really wanted to be comfortable. It finally feeling winter-y in arizona so I can layer up all I like. I have to say I am incredibly JEALOUS of all of you with snow. It even snowed back home in SF. seems like it is snowing every where but here. sigh. but on to the outfit. I really loved how funky it came out. all these mismatching patterns, but with a flow of pinks throughout. and I apologize for the unfashionable uggs, I really do, but what can I say? they were calling to me this morning! anyways, enough of a break for me. hope you all are finishing out your week on a good note. :)


  1. Megan, you have to teach me your secret to wearing color so well. You look absolutely adorable and I don't care, I love those red Uggs! OMG, how I love them!!!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Wow! Those are Uggs? Well, they are seriously not as hideous as I've come to expect from Uggs. Actually, they're one of my favorite parts about your outfit! CUTE!


  3. I'm loving this crazy outfit! What a perfect way to motivate you to get through a rough day. Good luck on your finals!

  4. gorgeous girl! Love the uggs and the scarf & hat :)



  5. great mix of colors!

    hope you can stop by and follow! www.thesocietyofstyle.com

  6. You look so great, as always. I love all the mix of color here. And I have a very similar hat. I hope your finals went well and that you are able to get some much needed sleep! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I hope your finals went well and that you were able to get all of your work done. What a crazy, hectic day! But at least you looked awesome doing it! I love that even though there's a lot going on in this outfit, there are little touches of pink everywhere which totally pulls everything together. And you rock that fedora better than Dylan!

  8. you look amazing and the uggs honestly make the outfit more endearing! plus major points for the bob dylan title! love him!!! sure snow is great, until it gets gray and icky and turns to black ice and lands me on my back lol. plus wearing winter boots all the time because of the sutpid snow? ick. i'd much rather wear my cowboy boots! =)

  9. I love that bag and the scarf!



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