vintage wear tea party

ok, ok so I know that this is total spring time wear but I had to pull it out yesterday because it was so hot, AGAIN. sigh. I was loving the cool weather last week. But yesterday it decided to spike back up. Despite trying to be in the best Christmas mood, I went with the spring time flow and whipped out this number from the closet. I bought this off etsy last year when I was going though my crazy, vintage only phase. love me some vintage. I call this my tea party dress. Don't I look like I'm off to tea in some fabulous little garden? hmmm I wish. nope I was off to Italian and then to fax some things for work. But hey, a girl can still look good while faxing!

sigh again. this is just one of those dresses that makes me feel super girly and pretty. Usually I opt more towards funky, but I love this sweet look. Does anyone else have something that makes them feel super girly and pretty? well, you all should. :) I'm also rocking my Stella and Dot ring in this picture. If you are looking for one of your own, head over to visit my friend, Nicky, and she will get you in business.

now off for a VERY busy day. after another test the hubs and I are going to look at more houses! yay! getting that whole American dream thing in order. don't know if they have white, picket fences in Tucson. May have to settle for some cacti :). Also, I am stressing out because we are going to this government Christmas party tomorrow night for the hubby's work and I am at a complete loss at what to wear or how to do my hair! It will be the first time I will be meeting most of these people so I really would love to make a great impression. Would be nice to get some friends down here! Leave me any suggestions you may have.... thanks girls!

Happy Friday to you all :)


  1. I love your site! And i don't want this to come off as snarky or maybe it's just the way you edit the colors of your pictures, but your skin looks quite orange and I have a feeling you may be a fan of the tanning bed by the looks of your feet. You're such a gorgeous girl! Don't be orange, be yourself.

  2. I DIE!!!!! I adore, I mean ABSOLUTELY ADORE that dress! Of course it is one of those one of a kind, once in a lifetime treasures...SIGH! Oh well... you look fab in it!

  3. Oh my god, that is such a cute outfit! Love both the shoes and the dress!!


  4. I love this entire look! That dress is so fabulous!! And, if I were you, I would disregard the comment from "Anonymous". I'm not quite sure they know what they're saying. I have a feeling you're a fan of being fabulous. The end. :)

  5. Hey all! It's Megan, but I'm away from my computer and not sure how this comment will come up. Thx for all the love! Just felt like I needed to jump in and let you know that I'm NOT a tanning bed girl! I'm incredibly claustrophobic and I just am not a huge fan! I think perhaps my photos look orangy because of my editing so I will work on that! I take my pics mid day and bc of the light I usually have to darken them to see the outfit colors. Again I will work on it! Also keep in mind I am Italian and Spanish ( that blonde hair is obviously not natural! Lol) so I do have olive colored skin year round and it does appear dark against that bright blonde! Also I live in Tucson where it was still 75 and sunny yesterday! Anyways totally not trying to be defensive, I just know friends who have suffered from skin cancer and I am pretty adamantly against tanning beds. Use mystic if you must! All of my face products have SPF in them and it's super important when you live somewhere it is always sunny! Anyway, I hope I haven't offended anyone, just trying to explain! That's for the lovely comments as always! adore you guys, and I will work on my editing skills. :)


  6. Darn girl... you look mighty pretty to be doing some faxing!!!! Love this ladylike look on you!

  7. Cute dress! When I have a nice occasion to go to and i'm stressing out about what to wear I find you can never go wrong with the classic lil black dress! You can dress it up or down and make it your own with some fun accessories. Have fun!

  8. For the Christmas party: don't forget, you look outstanding in gold. For reals.

    Your tea party dress is precious! I totally get why you love it. Also, I would kill for those shoes. (Kidding.)

  9. Hey, and just read your comment about olive skin: ta-da! Proved my point about gold! Zing!

  10. Oh my. No words. I adore this dress. Seriously, it's so beautiful! And you're right - perfect for a tea party. Speaking of... I'm hosting a Christmas tea party for a friend and her little girls in a couple of weeks. You are more than welcome to join us and to wear your fabulous dress! :) Hope you had a blast tonight at the party and I'm sure you looked amazing in your new dress. What did you end up doing to your hair? And I just remembered I forgot to send you a picture... we didn't get any tonight. :( Hope you're having fun!

  11. You look adorable! I want to have a tea party with you! I'm not sure I have a tea outfit as cute as that, especially those shoes . . . amazing!

    I'm with Emily - you should totally wear gold to the Christmas party. It's a gold time of year and you look great in it. Can't wait to see what you decide on!

    p.s. I've been using your veggie cooking techniques (muffin tray) and it's completely amazing, I eat so many more veggies now!


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