I get by with a little help from my friends.

happy thursday! here is a very quick little post for today, as this week has been ridiculously busy.
I am overwhelmed with school, final house contracts, getting our taxes done (blah), packing for next week, prepping for a friend to come to town and getting the pups set up in doggie day care for while I am gone.
who knew that dogs had to be interviewed for day care! I hope we pass with flying colors. :)
but on to the outfit. this one one of my few bright colors that I brought with me on the trip. such a pretty red, and I ended up wearing it for a few drink dates with friends. I apologize for the background. we were staying with logan's parents that week, and were rooming in his little brother's room. at one point while we were staying there the head count of kid was 8! and we were all sharing one bathroom. what?! I know.

anyways, I wore this the first time around to meet up with four of my besties. sigh. I miss them so much.
looking at this picture makes me beyond excited to see them all again next week.
starting from the left we have leah . we met our freshman year on the dance and cheer team and have been inseparable ever since. Sara, in the green practically roomed with Jess (far right) and I in our first year dorm room. and sadly just as I was moving away last year, she was finally moving back from Oregon. Jess was my roomie for the entire college experience, she even shared an apartment with Logan and I our last year. SO much fun. She now lives in my old town, chicago and teaches at an inner city school. Jess and Leah were also two of my bridesmaids. good times.

we are all smiles when we are together.
I pulled out my red dress again to have drinks in sonoma with Cait. well, Dr. Cait as of last month. It seemed like she was in school forever, but she is finally graduated and off to help people with her mad doctor skillz. this time when I wore the dress I flipped it around to have a scoop neck. I'm kind of crazy like that, but I enjoy changing it up.

ok, house post tomorrow! happy end of the week.


  1. Ooh yes! A red dress! Maybe you could rock it tomorrow for National Wear Red Day.

  2. Ah, i haven't gotten time to update on all your posts since you got back. I adore that red dress tho, very simple and apparently you can pair it with many things!

    don't you love getting up with best friends when you never get to see them, its refreshing.


  3. Aww these photos are great! I miss my girls now... I think I am going to go call them. :)

    Hey, I have decided to do a "My Current Blog Love" monthly series on my sidebar and I included you as my first blog love feature. I hope this is ok. I also borrowed one of my favorite outfit shots of you (again, I hope it is ok). If you don't want to be included, please just let me know and I will take it down. Hope you like it though, hun! :)

  4. I'm with Amy, this post totally made me miss my girls! And how genius are you to wear the dress backward for a totally different look?! Gorgeous, dear. As always.


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