visions of sugarplums.

As I am posting this I am realizing just how far behind I am.
well, I will be posting like a maniac the next few weeks to get us caught up. hang on tight.
with out ado...here is day four
now, as I was planning this outfit I was completely enamored by it.
all green for christmas day, since I had rocked all red for christmas eve.
was I thrilled with how it looked once I actually go it on?
dear Megan, please don't ever wear that shirt ever again. it looks kind of heinous on you.
sometimes you work an outfit, & sometimes it just doesn't happen.
while we are on the topic of how interesting looking I was that day, wtf happened to my hair?
it had only been cut for a few days and I tried, with out avail, to straighten and then curl it under. you know, cute bob style.
it did NOT work out.
sigh. I will get it next time.
I should mention on a side note that the lovely lady pictured above is my girl, Rene
we used her crazy cool new camera to get some of those shots and she edited them for moi.

I spent christmas morning over with my in-laws who are a blast with a capital b.
and of course we rocked some pajamas. no other way to do it.
and I'm the awesome sister in law that purchased that gem of a scene it game for my little sis.
oh hey twilight edition, could you be more awesome?

while we kicked in in our PJ's, the dogs felt it was necessary to be a little fancier for the occasion.
nice bow tie wylie.

case in point: please see example a to understand how goofy and awesome my in-laws are....
the upside down christmas tree.
rest my case.

note to self: you have the coolest brother-in-laws because they own ron burgundy pajamas/shirts.

and of course, the mom and pop in-laws wrestling it out. no holiday would be complete without that.
also, thought that pop's present was hilarious.
iron man underwear since he competed in the iron man in kona hawaii last year. BIG deal in our fam. :)

on a side note, this weekend was an intense amount of fun for the hubby and I. we FINALLY got everything squared away with our house!
I may have to break the rules and post some pics in the coming days, and go a little wonky and out of order. you don't mind, right?

happy monday ladies and gents. xoxo


  1. I love posts that are out of order! Rock it out lady!

    Also, I think you look gorgeous in the Christmas day blouse. Don't throw it out just yet. I see a beautiful future of that blouse over skinny jeans with black wedges.

  2. A) Your hair looked super cute.

    B) This was the first day I was using my camera and totally used flash inside. Shiny shirts and flash don't work well. Sorry! I tried to get rid of it, but sadly I'm not that good at photoshop yet :/.

  3. rene: I love you/adore you long time and thank god for your mad photoshop skillz otherwise I don't think I would have posted this outfit AT ALL. remember whilst I was getting ready that day and I was SO cranky? yeah. cause I was hating on my shiny outfit. but I love on you. p.s. did you get my tea invitation!? its on!

  4. its the smocking man.. so evil,i have the same issues... its the big boobies lol... needs a real thick belt i think.
    btw, greatest christmas tree ever?
    I think so.

  5. Um do I mind? I'm dying to see pictures of the house!! Please share them soon!

    And honey, satin is so hard to pull off. I own only one satin thing and it's a black skirt and it's because the way the light hits it just messes with everything. So don't be too hard on yourself, I can't do satin either. But your in-laws sound as cool as they come!

  6. wow your in-laws look like blast! Love your heels from the x-mas pics. I think you look gorgeous!

    Wanderlusting Fool

  7. I think you look gorgeous anyway Hun, the colour really suits you and your hair looks super cute!!!



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