green with envy.

well, my mailbox mavens week is off and running! we are on to post number two with a skirt that was sent to me by the utterly fabulous mastermind of the mavens, christina. she hangs out with her ridiculously good sense of style, over at fabulocity in amish country. seriously, I think I swoon over each and every one of her outfits. christina has killer fashion sense and I am a huge admirer of her ability to put together outfits. hey lady, I need you to come make some magic happen with my closet!

exhibit A.
christina rockin one of her skirts that I just had to have. it was the very first item that I signed up for in the swap. love at first lace, if you will. christina has styled it a few different ways, but I loved the casual elegance in the above combination. simple white tee, plus the intricate pattern of the lace skirt, equals a win in my book.

since the lace screamed "glamour" to me, I knew that I wanted to dress up the look.
the issued challenge?
pair with a bold or bright color

please excuse the self portraits today. my photographer, *cough* my husband *cough*, was unavailable and I had to get creative. just love me through it, ok?

anyways, when I was visiting my parents over the holidays my mom did a "closet cleanse". whats that, you ask? well its the best day ever. if your me. because she goes through her gorgeous frocks and purges anything shes worn too many times. geeez mom, what a diva. during this particular session I was lucky to score some great pieces, including this emerald diane von furstenberg tunic. oh DVB, I do adore you.

you can't tell since its tucked into the deliciously lovely skirt, but the DVB is very "tunic-y". can't wait to pair it with some gold gladiator sandals in another month or so.

I really enjoyed the way the look came together. I had a presentation to give that day and was feeling fancy and "presentation" ready in the lace and pearls.

and just to make sure that I owned this challenge to the fullest, I added bright blue pumps to the mix.

the pearl necklace I'm wearing actually belonged to my great grandmother, innocencia rose.
other wise known as nana rose. and know her I did. she actually only passed away a few years ago right before my wedding at the ripe age of 98. incredible huh? she was born in spain and was a dancer for many years! just like me! she had so many interesting and amazing stories about her life and the things she experienced. she always said I was just like her! when she passed away, instead of her jewelry getting divided up amonst all the great grandkids, she left it to me. she said I was the one who would really enjoy it and wear it the way it was meant to be worn. she was a true fashionista. :)

best part about coming home to the new house? space to kick off my heels, undo my bun, and just rest my mind for a moment.

thats all for today, lovies. hoping your tuesday finds you happy, healthy, and also enjoying some peace of mind. and if its not? try some yoga. always helps me. :)




  1. Ummmmm seriously?!?! Loveeeeeeeee it! I am totally diggin' the green with it! A DVF hand me down?? Lucky! :) And thanks for the shoutout lovely!

  2. The tunic is such a beautiful color! DVF is the best!!!

    Also, the story about your grandma is completely adorable. Innocencia? What a name! And now that I know your grandma was born in Spain, I would like to put forth the theory that you are a distant cousin to Fernando Torres. Do you see the resemblance, you hottie?


  3. Ditto to what Fabulocity said - Love the green paired with the skirt - and the pearls!

  4. ROCKED it again! I love this!!

  5. Dying over this outfit, darlin'. You are a stunner! Love the pop of color!!

  6. Dude, last three pictures. Holy shit. Awesome.

  7. LOVE THIS! Everything about this outfit is amazing. Those heels are....ahhh! And the pearls are so classy! Beautiful!

  8. That shirt is DIVINE! And these pictures?! Breathtaking! You definitely hit this one out of the park!


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