Pass the popcorn please...

Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and all you want to do is curl up in bed and watch movies all day?

I frequently think that when I am dragging myself up before the sun even rises every week day.  Especially now, in rainy season, wouldn't it be nice?  As one of the busiest people that I know, even on the weekends I am constantly on the move.  I enjoy having a full schedule and collapsing into my bed at the end of the day knowing I used every minute to its full potential. 

So as you can imagine, its hard for me to sit still.  But yet, it is a nice thought, just to lounge for an ENTIRE day and have nothing to do or think about.

Well when I woke up yesterday, that day was a real possibility.

I am up in Sonoma, watching my parent's house while they are away.  And for the first time in a ridiculously long time I had absolutely nothing to do.  At all.  My husband likes to make fun of one of my more OCD tendencies.  He tells me that I organize my life into boxes, or lists.  Little cubicles of time in which a particular task has to be done, before moving onto the next box.  I laugh at him and wonder how he ever accomplishes anything with his lack of logistics and lack of concept of time.

Now, don't get mad, but seriously husband of mine....

I ask you to go to the grocery store for one thing and you wander the aisles starring at shiny objects and I don't see you for another two hours.  And you come home with ten pizzas because they were on sale, when all I needed was some milk.  

I adore you regardless.

Anyways, aside from that tangent, and back to my glorious Saturday on which I had no boxes or lists.  And it was raining outside.  Which only served to assure that I was for once not going to get up and go to the gym.

As I sat down on my parent's couch and wondered how many 4.99 movies I could order off "on demand" without them really noticing/getting upset, I just decided to say screw it.  
I proceeded to watch 8 movies.  

1. Started with Underworld.  It seemed appropriate since it was dark and eerie outside.  And as previously mention I have a sick fascination with vampires (i.e. twilight, buffy, anne rice novels), and I had never seen this one.  The lore and history was a little unclear at first.  I think I needed more back story, which hopefully I will get in the second and third films.  But I am all about forbidden love.  And Selene, and whatever Scott Speedman's name is in this, have got it down pat.  It was a solid action movie, because who doesn't love to see the classic, epic battle between werewolves and vampires?

2. Followed with something a little lighter.  Vicky, Christina, Barcelona.  I knew I had to see this one after Penelope Cruz won an oscar.  I have seen her in a number of films and have never been able to understand why people like her so much, other than the fact that she is nice to look at on screen.  Sahara, vanilla sky? She is not the best actress! However, after seeing this movie I have completely changed my tune.  Seeing her act in her native language (spanish), she is amazing to watch.  Aside from the beautiful Spanish back drop, and the clever Woody Allen writing, this movie is really one you must see.

3.  The Duchess.  Keira Knightley has got to be one of the greatest actresses around.  Really, did you see Pride and Prejudice? Period pieces seem to be her thing.  She is stunning in this movie as G or Georgina.  I read this book, that reads more like a historical timeline, than like a historical fiction.  The movie takes it a step above, and allows you into her own narrative.  Ray Fiennes is great as the Duke (though I almost prefer him as lord voldemort, just because he is that menacing).  And can we talk about the fashion in those times?  The Duchess was known throughout England as a fashion icon, and the dresses Kiera Knightley wears are jaw dropping. My personal favorite was the ensemble with the feathery hat (when you see it, you will know). If you are a fan of the classic, unrequited love story that is clearly reminiscent of those times, you will be sorry you missed this one.

4. OK, on to Hamlet 2.  Supposed to be hilarious.  Has Amy Pohler in it, and the chick from 40 year old virgin.  A comedy about theater.  All things I love.  Not so much with this one.  Perhaps I missed the humor in it, but it seemed way more morose that I think it was supposed to.  IF it has one redeeming quality, it is the musical number "ROCK ME SEXY JESUS".  

come on, that shit is just priceless.

5. Trying to stay light again, I decided I would finally man up and watch HSM 3.  You know, don't make me say it.  Now, I love, love, LOVE the first High School Musical.  It was cute, the songs were catchy, the love story was adorable, and the characters were relatable.  And lets be honest, haven't we all wished at some point our entire high school cafeteria would break out into choreographed dance numbers and over the top songs? no? Just me? Well as much as I enjoyed the first one, was exactly how much I despised the second one.  

Memo to Disney: Covering Zack Effron in that much makeup was not a smart move.  He is already singing and dancing.  Please next time try to leave your main heart throb character with a small bit of masculinity.  In some scenes, he looked prettier than his leading lady.  And that, folks, is a problem

But really HSM 2 took the cast out of the high school, into some strange summer work program, and things just got plain weird.  The music was so ridiculous, and the dance scenes were laughable.

Thank god the third one took it back to its roots.  Sharpay was Queen Bee Bitch again in her theater element.  Gabriella and Troy were back to their angsty ways.  And we got the funny Drama teacher back.  With the grand finale and final bow in front of that damn red curtain, all was again right in the disney world.

6. 10,000 BC.  Gorgeous backdrop, great CGI, interesting story line, and one long ass movie that left me wondering why the ancient people and the cavemen were all speaking English? 

7. Definitely Maybe.  Very cute and very predictable love story.  You could pretty much see where this one was headed.  All in all, Ryan Renolds should stick to Van Wilder, Elizabeth Banks should stick to Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Isla Fischer should stick to Confessions of a Shopaholic.  Which if you haven't seen the last one, run out immediately and do yourself a favor by seeing it!  So how, I wonder, did three such funny actors end up in this obnoxious love story?

8. Finally the day ended with Elizabeth the Golden Age.  Another one of my favorite actresses, Cate Blanchette, played Elizabeth.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am sickly obsessed with this period.  If you haven't read any of the historical trilogies by Rosalind Miles, or any of novels by Phillipa Gregory detailing the lives and loves of Henry the Eighth, you need to.  This movie was yet another great portrayal of the time. Though it differs from some of the other accounts I have read or seen on Elizabeth, it is an interesting take.  So many books or movies concentrate on the later period of her life, known as the Golden Age that followed the destruction of the Spanish Armada.  But not enough focus on the ordeal she went through to claim and stabilize her hold on the throne, her struggle being known as Anne Boelyn's bastard, and her relationship with her cousin, Mary Queen of Scotts.  It was nice to get an insight to the earlier years, and to see Elizabeth painted as a person, instead of an untouchable figure.

wow. officially my longest post

that is all

ciao for now



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  1. Scott Speedmens character is named MICHAEL!!! Celene says it like 20 times!!! Michael Corvin!! did you see my post on underworld...u will love the next two movies just as much :)


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