Why yes, my glasses do say juicy on them.

If you were unable to guess from my last post, I adore couture. 

Juicy Couture, that is.

Now I know that it is all the rage with the pre-pubescent crowd these days.  I knew my days of carrying around my cute, embroidered juicy tote were over when I saw a middle school tween in nordy's with the same one.  Sad.  

However, that does not mean that I can't still love the brand.  I would probably die with out my velour hoodies.  Those zip ups are necessary in a girl's life.   There isn't much else one can throw on at 630 in the morning, and still look pretty stylish and comfortable. These days I just opt for the ones that don't have JUICY splashed all over them. 

So, aside from those hoodies, and the occasional bracelet, I try to steer clear of the teenage fashion obsession.  But,  I had to toss that rule aside the other day when I set foot in my eye doctor's office

Eye doctor's office?

what are you talking about M? 

They don't sell juicy things there!

au contraire.  They do indeed!

So I was running errands one afternoon last week, and one of my stops was to order more contacts to use the rest of our insurance up before the move.  It was a good deal to get a few free boxes, seeing as 1800contacts was currently bankrupting me anytime I needed a new box.  

When I approached the desk, the woman sitting there had the most adorable glasses on and when I commented she stood and grabbed my hand.  "You look like a fashionable girl, instead of contacts why don't you have a look at this wall." 

The last time that I chose a pair of glasses was in middle school.  And that was the last time I wore a pair of glasses out into public.  I insisted on getting contacts as soon as I could, and saved the wearing of my atrocious glasses for only right before bed.  They choices of eye wear were as follows: brown, black, or tan.  In essence: boring, more boring, and exceptionally boring.

But, oh how the times have changed.

The woman led me to a wall full of couture glasses.  Coach, Prada, Gucci, D & G, you name it.

And then in a little corner of heaven I spotted rows of brightly colored frames.

"what brand are these?" I wondered as I held them close and inspected the jeweled cherries on the side.  Once I flipped them to the other side, there in shiny, gold script read Juicy.

Ah, no wonder I picked that pair up first!

long story, or rather blog short, I walked out that day without contacts.

and there in the mail a few days later there they were.  They were sitting in that little brown post office box, shining up at me.

Behold, my new Juicy Couture glasses, aptly and appropriately named society girl.

thats all

ciao for now



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  1. Just think had you listened to me sooner, you could have had those glasses much sooner. I love you I can't wait to see your new glasses, i know they are adorable!


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