Tutus, and tights, and couture, oh my!

When we are little we lay in our beds at night and before we drift off to sleep we dream of the many possibilities that lay before us.  The inevitable question: what will we be when we grow up.  In fact, I don't know about you, but I still ask myself that question.

Some of us dream of being police officers (love you, my darling husband).

Some of us dream of being pirates (cough, Momo, cough)

and even some of us dream of famous soccer stars (I know its true E).

But I dreamt of something different.  I dreamt of Tulle, and sequins, and pink pointe shoes.  I dreamt of Tutu's and tights, and ribbons.  I dreamt of costumes, and the lights of the stage, and the applause of the audience.

I dreamt of being a prima ballerina.

Pretty common as far as little girls go, I suppose.  I had to chose something to base my whims and fantasies on, and according to my mother, my other options of princess or a fairy were not going to be plausible.

I remember begging and begging her to sign me up for ballet.  I wanted to dance.  But after a failed attempt at kindergarden gymnastics, she was hasty to sign me up for something else I would tire of after the first week.  So, we made a deal.  She wanted me to play soccer, to learn a team sport.  And if I survived that, then I could pick an activity.

Ballet it was.

I still remember the first time I walked into the studio.  A magic room full of mirrors, "that way I will be able to see my beautiful, pink tutu no matter where I am twirling" I recall thinking to myself.  It wasn't that narcissistic. No really.  It wasn't me that I wanted to see spinning across air, it was the costume that made me feel like the princess I had wanted to be.

I quickly learned, thanks to my very first ballet instructor, that dance was a strict art form.  And it was more than just whirling around the floor.  It was learning to control your movements, and conform your body with grace and agility. Knowing how to be in control of your balance, having complete command of your own body.  

As my love for dance, and love for the discipline has evolved over the years so has my love of the beautiful costumes that we would don on stage.  As I no longer dance, I no longer have a reason to wear said costumes.  This makes for a very sad M.

Those of you that know me, can say that one of my other great loves in life, besides dancing, is fashion.  I will try any type of outfit at least once.  And I long for great style that sets me apart from the norm.  When you wake up in the morning, you have the opportunity to express something about yourself in your choice of what you put on your body.  Why not make it something fun and unique.  One of my hands down favorite designers is of course, Betsey Johnson.  I, perhaps, own way too many of her dresses, or so I've been told.  On a recent visit, much to my delighted surprise, I discovered a girly pink tutu in their front window.

It was like the little girl inside me was twirling across the floor again.

I was so excited.  It just couldn't be true.  Now that I was old enough to decide what I wanted to wear (no my mom would never let me wear that tutu to school as a child), and now that I could afford it I was going to own that tutu.  I could just see it sitting in my closet, and then I could just see myself waltzing through walnut creek a la carrie bradshaw style.

all in my little pink tutu.

that was until I saw the 300 dollar price tag.

Really Betsey?

for some pink fabric.

But who was I kidding, it was more than that.  That sparkly pink fabric was childhood incarnate.

Much to my dismay, I waved goodbye to the 300 dollar, way out of my range tutu.  and I should really get a cyber pat on the back for that one folks because you know how hard it is for me to walk away from a thing like that.  I didn't call myself Mrs. Shopaholic for nothing.

But what can I say?  Thank god for friends like E, who maticulously search the internet for other couture tutu's.  And viola, like magic she produced something even better.


yes, thats right.  In an entire rainbow of colors.  now the only problem is which color? better hope I don't end up with too many.  Tutu's tend to take up too much space in one's closet.  But they are worth it.

thats all

ciao for now


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