These are my confessions

Remove Formatting from selectionHello and welcome to my very first blog attempt!  I cannot claim credit for this, as I have been inspired to blog by both my husband and my Bestie.  First, let me start by saying this blog is for those who know me, and therefore if you are a stranger do not expect to understand half of my ramblings.  But to my nearest and dearest, I hope that you will find this experience both humorous and interesting.  

Just trying to offer a nice, little insight to your friend M.  

My grand plan is to keep this blog up when the hubby and I make our big move to Arizona.  That way we can all keep in touch and I will have a place to share all of our adventures once we arrive. This is an incredibly hectic time in my life, but there are many, many, many wonderful things coming up in the next few months that I needed an outlet to put them all in writing.  

Well as my previously mentioned Bestie put it in her own blog, these introductions are boring but necessary.  Since most of you know me from different areas of my life... school, work, teaching, etc, I can sum myself up pretty quickly. 

These are the confessions and inner workings of a now married, crazy in love, wanna-be world traveler, vino loving, fashion craving, baseball obsessed, animal saving, Obama supporting, soon to be elementary teaching, book wormy, concert going, Chicago native, shopaholic, ex teenage drama queen.

That was a mouthful.

Well in closing as Carrie Bradshaw once wondered, these are my tales of what happens after happily ever after.


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  1. awwww i love it! you are such a good writer :) and i love the desciption of yourself! tres adorable



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