times they are a changin...

For a long time now, my hair has been a huge part of my identity. And when I say huge, I do mean that literally. I love love LOVE my long, curly, overbearingly, crazy locks. I have BIG hair, but I love it. Now, people have not always been very nice about it, especially with straight locks always being so in vogue. But thats the one fad I've never really hoped on board with. But this past year I've gone through some hair reinventions in trying to find a new style for myself. I've had the same long, crazy blond hair for years and this year has been all about reinvention. Lets take a look...

I left my hair as long as possible before my August wedding last year. It was a little darker and closer to my natural brown. Here it is in its wavy state, how I usually wore it.

Of course I wore it down for our engagement pictures in the vineyard, but on the day of the wedding it was so hot in Sonoma (lovely wine country, how I miss it!) that I ended up wearing it up, but it looked gorgeous.

After the wedding I started gradually started lightening the blond and spending some time with a curling iron.

then I decided to go a step further and cut some of that crazy length off and go for fashionista bangs...

and now I'm thinking of going even shorter. I just really need a change, and while I've been gradually getting there, I think its time to go for it... here are some ideas... let me know what you think!


  1. I love the Selena Gomez look! And I think you could totally pull it off - straight or curly - at that length. And I'm so jealous... I've always wanted big hair!

    Oh and just got your email - will respond more tomorrow when I'm not as sleepy but thank you for the note! I adore your blog and I totally know how you feel.


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