Hi Ladies! I'm back in blogging action after a short hiatus. Sorry about the unannounced departure, but if you follow my tweets you may know that last week was an utter disaster with some moving issues and thus I had to take some time off to get it all taken care of. Which of course then resulted in spending the rest of the week/weekend catching up on work nonsense! yuck! So since I was stuck in work mode this weekend, I bring you pictures from last weekend's Oktoberfest. good times :)

on a side note before I dive in I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over. I was blown away by the response that I received from my last post. I was beyond nervous to post it, and it turned out far better than I had expected. It truly warmed my heart to hear that I was helping others to think about their own health, and fitness goals, and to hear some of you were headed out to the gym right then and there! loved it! I was so busy last week, but when I even thought of taking a day off, I stopped and said "what would the blogger girls say?", and then I got my butt to the gym. So you are all inspiring me as well. glad to know we all inspire each other. :). Some of you had mentioned wanting me to send you some recipes and some of my workout plan, so here is my email address....


feel free to get in touch with me for anything!

on to the outfit. It was ridiculously hot yet again last weekend and since we were hitting Oktoberfest outside I wanted to keep it light and simple. I'm loving purple so much this season, so I rocked it with a vest as usual, with some fun necklaces and staple boots. We went to the first Oktoberfest and it was so hot and crowded that some people we met told us we should check out the one that was on Mt. Lemon (about an hour away). We decided to go for it!

now of course, being the silly kids that we are, we just took off for the mountain with out thinking that perhaps it might be a little bit colder up there, seeing as it is a MOUNTAIN and all. We really think things through, can't you tell? Luckily I had a bag of clothes stashed in the trunk that was on its was to good will! thank god or we would have been freezing our butts off.

this is my hubby, Logan, by the way, if you haven't seen him in posts before. He is my best friend and we probably have way to much fun together. Here are some pictures from the top of the mountain. so glad we made the drive, it was absolutely gorgeous.

drinking some beer, and eating some brats is a must a a good Oktoberfest.

there was this adorable village where the Oktoberfest on the mountain was being held, called Sumerhaven. Cute, right? Anyways, it had these little old fashion shops, like this candy one we stopped in for some home made fudge.... yum. De-lish. Notice how appalled I am at the decor. I know what your thinking, and YES that is a chandelier made of antlers. Mama, we aren't in California anymore.

to end it off, a pretty view of the ski lift. So excited for the mountain to get some snow so we can grab our boards and hit it. Its no Tahoe, as it only has ONE ski lift (what?!) but still excited for some winter.

I know I still have an extra special post, that was promised last week.... and I swear its coming this week!! I'm getting ready to head for VEGAS on Thursday so let me know any suggestions on must-have outfits that I should bring!

happy Monday everyone :)



  1. OOOh!!! How totally fortuitous that you got to visit a cute little town, and drink beer and eat brats, and even kept warm on the mountain. What a wonderful day.

  2. so...hope you don't mind me saying but your hubby is a little hottie!

    so, everyone has these oktoberfests, i thought we were having one but it guess its a brewfest, ours is this saturday whoo!

    lovin' purple too lately, plus it looks amazing on us blondes :)

    xo ash

  3. Great photos! Octoberfest looks fun! I hope you have worked out all the issues and are back on track! I've missed you out here in blogger land! ;)

  4. aww you guys are too adorable together! glad you had such a great time and it's nice to see ya back at the blog-o-spere ^.^!!!

  5. i love your purple top with the little pintucks. so cute. and you husband is super good looking. u are a lucky girl. u look amazing together.

  6. I love how happy you look with your hubby! My boyfriend & I are long distance so my happy pictures are spaced out :( This weekend though!

    As for Vegas: SEQUINS SEQUINS SEQUINS! You need to wear as much glitz as possible of course! Can't wait for the pictures!

    <3 Jaz


  7. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Cheers!


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