someone ripped my tights.

Yeah, me! I ripped my tights. and I love them like a fat kid loves cake. they are so fun, and funky and best of all I DIYed them myself. cheers for creativity. rather than buckle down and pay the 25 bucks for the american apparel ones, I just went to work on an old pair, and voila. however there is a drawback. I have been getting stared at all day. and not in that good "I love her outfit, she is so stunningly stylish" kind of way, but the other way. you know, the whole "I'm giving you the stink eye because I don't understand your outfit" kind of way. no joke.

when the hubby and I went to grab some sushi for lunch today I had an interesting encounter in the girl's bathroom. As I went to wash my hands, the girl next to me turned and said, "you know that you have a tear in your tights, right?". silence. no, really? I actually didn't know. its not like I have one tiny rip in my sheers, they are clearly shredded on purpose. I'm not crazy, right? Apparently, this girl believed that I was involved in some sort of heinously unfortunate tights accident.
after an awkwardly long moment I turned to her, "yes, I know. thanks." wow. are you kidding me people? she kept that peculiar look on her face as she exited. not only did my tights confuse and perplex her, but now they were down right offensive. oh man. I was texting back and forth with Christen of LaRueNeuve during the whole ordeal and we were left wondering why girls are so judgy. why do we have to give the stink eye to someone who is trying something a little out of the box. thats how fashion becomes fashion. no one ever became stylish by not taking risks. so the next time you see a girl in a questionable outfit, before you judge her, take a minute and think about how brave she was to try something different. and maybe that should earn her your respect and a smile, instead of harsh whispers and a pointing finger. but, I digress.

anyways, my outfits this week have been simple because I have been so busy. but not to worry, because I will have tons of fun, sparkly outfits for next week after the Vegas trip. :)

and if you were wondering who that cute pup is, thats Crash. shes one of my three girls. my own personal marley, if you will. anyone thinking about yellow lab adoption, talk to me first so that I can let you know what you are getting yourself, and your closet into.

on another note I'd like to say thankyou to Lisa for her lovely shoutout over on her blog and wish her luck as she gets ready for her wedding! and thanks to Ash, as well who tagged me in the honest scrap! woo... working on my list and it will be up tomorrow. thanks darling. :)

happy tuesday all!



  1. Well...I think you ripped tights are great! Perfect job doing them yourself too!

    Girls are super judgy and I don't know why either. It is why it is some times hard to make new friends with girls...

    You are exactly right too- no one ever become stylish by playing it safe. Risks are the fun of it! I think your risk here was wonderful!! :)

  2. Oh my, I agree 1oo%!! it is ridiculous that people feel like they have the authority to judge others on their style choices.
    I commend you for having the guts to do this! I 've been thinking about doing the same thing to my betsey j heart ones that have a long run in them as I still want to wear them!! Maybe i'll give themn a whirl and try it out this weekend! Great diy job!

  3. Thanks for the shout out as well!

    I think your tights look great! Clearly that girl was just being snarky. I'm amazed at the nerve of some people. At my fiance's alumni event this weekend some girl he went to high school with who I had never met in my life cornered me and started telling me random things about him in high school and then how she "approved" of our relationship . . . ummm, what?

    Maybe you should have played the whole thing off like you had no idea. I wonder how she would have reacted then.

  4. great look. I love the tights! I feel you on being busy. I have been sick, working, taking this online class, working on a side business, UHHH it can be mind boggling! So my hair-- I will try to do a How To post on how I style it.:)
    It is totally raining here like we were talking about. Great style post babe!!

  5. Oh btw does my blog come up in your dashboard or reader? I have been having issues. Thanks!

  6. Psht, whatev. You totally rock those "oops!" tights. :)

  7. Um, so ,that girl at the sushi place was being a little Captain Obvious, eh?
    Meh, who cares about the haters, as long as you are having fun, keeping your girly bits covered, avoiding white tights and looking fabulous, it's all good.
    Oh and your pup is freaking adorable!!! Apparently, we're never getting a dog, but we'll see, I'm pretty persuasive.

  8. OK, let me just say, girls are vicious[sp?] and probably can't go a day without judging. Honestly, in some ways I think they secretly wish they could be daring and make some kind of leap from their regular day to day, maybe? I have had the same problem with some things I chose to wear, but what are you supposed to do with your life you don't take a chance? All I have to say is brush those "haters" off and walk on, love those tights, I was honestly thinking about doing a DIY with some skinny black jeans I just got. But I might try my tights instead...:). INSPIRING WOMAN!

    Girl, I have been busy too. BLAH!!!! I hate work weeks!

    Also, agreed with the vibes you are feeling, very mutual. Def. out of blog friends.

    BTW, verizon screwed me on blackberry today so i have to wait till november 18th, I AM DYING AS WE SPEAK :(.

    xo ash

  9. Great job on the tights! Years ago when I was addicted to wearing a slip on the outside of clothing, I had a very similar exchange with some small-minded gas station attendant. It's infuriating, isn't it? Having the confidence to carry statements like that far outweighs any negativity from cranky strangers!

  10. well, I THINK those ripped tights are fab and had i seen you i would have asked you where you got em :)

    thanks for the well wishes!


  11. I have become addicted to wearing slips that show...I know..so radical! The looks I get, and even had a customer tell me my slip was showing..geez.................. cant a girl love her lace showing?


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