shake the glitter off your clothes now.

Ok girls, I'm getting so very excited for VEGAS. Woo! I spent all last night packing. We will be celebrating my wonderful, beautiful, and amazing mama's 50th birthday. There is an entire weekend of events planned and there are about 30 of us going! Going to be crazy. Check back next week for all the pictures, and of course all the over the top, but Vegas appropriate outfits. Man, I love me some Vegas. Enjoy my outfit with the glitter and the gold here, I was certainly feeling inspired by packing up for my trip to the strip. :)

have a wonderful hump day! sorry for the short post, very busy day!

for some healthy recipes I cooked up last night (pun totally intended) check out this link to my family blog and let me know if you would be interested in me posting some recipes and fitness ideas over here as well.

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  1. Oooh! I lurve the glitter and gold. Very fab.

  2. Stop right there!!! Where did you get those tights?? I absolutely LOVE them!! This outfit is so great- gorgeous shoes!

    Yes, please! I would love you to post recipes and fitness ideas over here too. (but you already know that hehe). :)

  3. love the top, gold bag and shoes!! very chic :DD

  4. oh man this is going to be exciting. can't wait to see all your vegas outfits!

    I love love love the shoes! Insanely awesome.

    And I don't even have to say what I think about healthy recipes and fitness tips from you, right?
    Fine I'll say it: ABSOLUTELY!

    I love how daring you are with your outfits! You always look so cheerful and colorful, its really inspiring.

  5. ohmygoodness, your tights! are fantastic. :)

  6. You look great as usual! I love those tights, they're so unique. Can't wait to see some pictures of your Vegas style, have fun!

  7. Love the tights! So bold and fit your great personality! I think I may have fixed the feed!! YAY! Thanks for your help. looking good sister!

  8. you know how to take risks girl, love those tights. especially with those shoes.

    i emailed you back too.

    xo ash


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