Hi ladies! Happy Sunday! I hope that everyone is having a fabulous weekend. I am posting my last two halloween posts today, so that starting tomorrow I can focus on the new holiday season. Its always sad to say goodbye to my favorite holiday, but I am already dreaming of next years costumes. :)

these photos are from another night of Halloween celebration! We went to Zombie-Fest Tucson a few days before Hween. The hubby didn't want to dress up, but after seeing these costumes, we will be sure to do it next year.... we are thinking zombie cheerleader and football player.... except I'll be the football player and he will be the cheerleader! ha.

so, of course I am rockin my orange pumpkin tights with a black ensemble to show my hween spirit. now prepare yourself for the below photos! Zombies on the loose!!

it was SUCH a blast. and everyone got really into it.... walking like a zombie, yelling out "braaaaiiins", and other zombie type behavior. enjoy!



  1. This whole post made me giggle! First of all, I love your outfit - pumpkin tights and all! Where in the world is that awesome dress from? And secondly, I'm already impatient to see you dressed as a zombie for this event next year!

  2. CUTE zombies! I too love Halloween, and I too am very sorry to see it go. Boo hoo. But it was a great one indeed.


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